External Attack Surface Management Tool SCOUT Increases Visibility into Organizations’ Expanding Attack Surfaces Automated, Continuous Monitoring

BALTIMORE, Md. , July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arctonyx, a cybersecurity products company operating in the greater Washington, D.C. area, announced the official launch of SCOUT, an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) software platform, which reduces the cost of cyber asset management, discovery, and provides actionable intelligence, streamlining an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Externally facing assets are an ideal exploitation point for persistent bad actors. With SCOUT, customers will now be able to discover new cyber assets continuously and automatically and maintain control of their emerging vulnerabilities.


SCOUT discovers unknown cyber assets and recommends prioritized mitigations for reducing exposure and vulnerabilities. Because SCOUT does this on an ongoing basis, security engineers and executives can focus on action-oriented cybersecurity tasks and address their expanding attack surfaces. Arctonyx CEO, John Sparks, states, "Organizations need to understand their attack surface on a continuous basis – SCOUT increases visibility into an organization’s attack surface and provides users with actionable insight to their susceptibilities."

Daniel Neuberger, Head of Products and founding member of the Arctonyx team, said, "Attackers may be advanced, but more importantly, they’re persistent. They keep looking even if, at first, there seems to be no way in. And the best attackers have significant automation to help cast a broad and deep net. We will bring this same persistent approach to preventative defense starting with SCOUT." 

About Arctonyx

Arctonyx is a cybersecurity products company founded in January 2022 by a core team of cybersecurity experts and developers from the intelligence community. Arctonyx comprises world-class engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and other industry experts with experience at the top levels of the government and private industry.  With the spin-out from CyberPoint International and the investment from Firmament, the company plans to accelerate platform development, working towards its vision of cyber resiliency. Arctonyx is looking to hire passionate team members focused on product design, development, sales, and marketing to drive product adoption and grow their customer base across the commercial and Federal markets. For more information or a demonstration, please contact info@arctonyx.com and visit us for regular updates at www.arctonyx.com!

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