Extendly Acquires Stake in ChatHQ – Expanding Services to Support Marketing Agencies

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Extendly, a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSpreneurs, is delighted to announce its acquisition of a stake in ChatHQ, a revolutionary sales and support software that boosts engagement, skyrockets conversions, and streamlines support on websites and sales funnels.

The strategic acquisition unites two industry pioneers dedicated to delivering unparalleled support services for Marketing Agencies utilizing the HighLevel platform.

ChatHQ has garnered widespread recognition within the community, particularly for their Engagement Widget™, designed to empower agencies in acquiring, supporting, and retaining customers.

Andrew Kamide, CEO of ChatHQ, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“We are very excited about this collaboration between ChatHQ and Extendly. Extendly has been one of our largest, most valued partners for the last few years, and we have fostered an excellent working relationship with their team. Thanks to Extendly’s reputation in the HighLevel community, ChatHQ has been able to reach a larger audience and bring our amazing software solutions to more agencies that need our help! We will be using all the resources at our disposal from within the Extendly team to help ChatHQ grow and bring new products and features to market that directly help HighLevel agencies engage, grow, support, and retain their customer base!

“Business success isn’t just about staying ahead, it’s about bringing everyone along for the journey. We believe in a future where every business, big or small, has access to top-tier digital tools, which is why we’re not just creating software, we’re crafting experiences that help businesses thrive.”

Beant Singh, CEO of Extendly, also commented on the collaboration, saying, “We have had a longstanding and fruitful relationship with ChatHQ, and we consider them a pivotal partner who contributed significantly to the growth of Extendly’s user base. Their user guides and knowledge base are among the best in the market, and we have actively utilized their Engagement widget. Our investment in ChatHQ reinforces our commitment to continue to provide inspiring SaaSprenuers with cutting edge tools that help them easily find success through their journey.”

The acquisition of a stake in ChatHQ by Extendly marks a significant milestone for both companies, solidifying their positions as industry leaders in the agency support space.

About Extendly:
Extendly is a leading provider of white label support services for marketing agencies and SaaSpreneurs. With a mission to level the playing field for HighLevel users, Extendly equips entrepreneurs with comprehensive solutions and support, including 24/7 Branded WhiteLabel Support and the innovative SaaS Agency In A Box System. By empowering ambitious individuals, Extendly aims to increase their chances of success and enable them to realize their potential.

Extendly Group of Companies:

www.ghlexperts.com, www.ghlanimationstudios.com, www.theghlacademy.com, www.noomerik.com, and www.chatHQ.com 

For more information about Extendly, please visit https://www.getextendly.com 

About ChatHQ:
ChatHQ is a cutting-edge software solution aimed at helping marketing agencies engage, grow, support, and retain their customer base. With its acclaimed Engagement Widget™, ChatHQ enables businesses of all sizes to optimize websites and sales funnels by engaging more effectively with visitors, and convert those visitors into customers with ease with the help of unique and customizable Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™.

ChatHQ’s Vision
“To pioneer the future of customer engagement and redefine the success of digital marketing agencies and businesses of all sizes, by offering the most customizable and resellable engagement and conversion tools available.”

ChatHQ’s Mission
“Our mission is to empower digital marketing agencies and businesses of all sizes to amplify their engagement, boost conversions, and foster customer retention. We are dedicated to providing white-label and resellable solutions that are robust, yet simple to use, enabling our clients to provide superior experiences to their customers, while growing their own brand and business success.”

For more information about ChatHQ, please visit https://www.chathq.io/

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