Entrepreneurs Reunite to Launch SkyView Innovations, The Premier Provider of Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

Startup will help businesses unlock the value of immersive experiences across vertical markets
and corporate functions, leveraging 3D, gaming technology, AI, and data analytics

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SkyView Innovations (SkyView), today announced its official launch, marking the dawn of a new era in enterprise metaverse services that will revolutionize how business is conducted.

For corporate decision-makers who want to provide immersive digital experiences that enhance interactions, engagement and collaboration, Skyview Innovations creates enterprise metaverse solutions that fundamentally transform the way people interact and communicate through shared virtual experiences.

As a secure, private ecosystem that operates in real time, the metaverse represents the next-generation internet. For organizations of all sizes, SkyView leverages the underlying technology that powers gaming and metaverse applications to create accessible, inclusive 3D virtual worlds that deliver data-driven, immersive experiences that can be configured in accordance with enterprise IT policies, security protocols, and industry compliance.

“Ensuring user adoption of any new technology requires accessibility, convenience and ease-of-use,” said SkyView Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Kaplan. “As such we create new realities that users can access from any Internet-enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone.”

Using world-renowned gaming platforms like Unreal Engine 5, SkyView creates hyper-realistic environments that are visually pleasing and can be accessed with or without AR/VR headsets, creating experiences far more effective in keeping users engaged than current workforce management tools. Via its private, secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform, SkyView customers will be able to extract, present and manipulate enterprise data as 3D digital objects while navigating their company’s private metaverse.

SkyView Innovations, on track to become the premier provider of enterprise metaverse solutions, is educating stakeholders across the globe on the vast utility and potential of this technology to drive seismic change. Companies of all sizes want these solutions but lack the resources to integrate them into their own environments, much less meet security, authentication, compliance, and auditing requirements.

SkyView eliminates barriers to adoption by helping organizations overcome the hindrance of limited budgets and in-house expertise.

“By helping people understand the truly game-changing potential of this technology, we’re taking terms like metaverse and AI from trendy marketing language to staples of mainstream vernacular,” added Kaplan.

To help SkyView realize its full potential, Co-Founders, Jeff Kaplan, and Travis Sales have assembled an elite team of tenured executives and award-winning industry practitioners with a proven track record and pedigree of bringing emerging technologies to mainstream enterprise. With over 300 years’ combined experience, SkyView leadership understands the current and future needs of businesses, and how the underlying technology used in games and metaverse applications can benefit businesses, regardless of industry.

Freshsens, a cutting-edge Agritech company, engaged SkyView to build an immersive, secure environment that extracts real-time data from IoT sensors into 3D digital objects (visualizations) with which users can interact in a private enterprise metaverse. The companies have made a video demo available to the public, showcasing the real-world applicability.

Vehbi Cagri Gungor, CSO, Freshsens “The Skyview team has been amazing to work with and showed us how we can use our own data to create an incredible user experience for customers and partners. We’ve received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from our initial demo, we’ve already started discussing additional deployments with SkyView.”

“SkyView is the partner to help companies capitalize on the value of a private enterprise metaverse, taking them from contender to unquestioned industry leader,” added Kaplan.

About SkyView Innovations
Headquartered in Delray Beach, FL, with offices in Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, Omaha, NE, and Ankara Turkey, SkyView Innovations designs, builds, and manages accessible data-driven 3D environments that leverage the cutting-edge, underlying metaverse and enterprise gamification technologies to reimagine business models, workflows, and workplace optimization strategies.

Learn more at www.skyviewinnovations.com.

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