EnGenius Releases Executive-Level Network Management Platform for Large-Scale Businesses

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EnGenius Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, today announced the release of its EnGenius Cloud PRO network management platform. EnGenius is allowing end-users to test out free for one year the enhanced and never-seen-before features built to handle massive, high-density, demanding environments.

But first things first. The basic version of EnGenius Cloud is free and always will be. IT pros and MSPs who are providing already feature-rich Cloud management to their customers can continue to do so free of charge.

And now, the EnGenius PRO version offers a suite of enhanced and brand new features that are perfect for enterprise-level networks with hundreds—even thousands—of devices, requiring an extra level of monitoring and protection. If you want to tap into the enterprise-level market and broaden your services for the big players, EnGenius Cloud PRO is just what you need.

Enhanced Features

The basic version of the EnGenius Cloud management platform offers excellent features for SMBs and many larger businesses. However, the PRO version takes several of these features and cranks them up a notch:

  • EnGenius Cloud Basic allows up to 10 admins/team members, but PRO allows unlimited.
  • Basic produces simple heatmaps for proper placement of access points, but PRO allows you to add obstacles like drywall, wood, doors, and glass windows that may affect coverage.
  • Basic allows up to 100 radius and 100 voucher users, but PRO allows for 10,000.
  • Basic topology view allows you to see all EnGenius devices on the network, but PRO allows you to see third-party devices as well.
  • Basic AP diagnostics tool minimizes truck rolls, but PRO brings spectrum analysis too.

Brand New Features

The crown jewel of the EnGenius Cloud PRO platform is the suite of enterprise-level features that allow an unmatched level of control and visibility over extremely dense business networks.

AirGuard (WIDS/WIPS) – Security APs have dedicated radios that scan the environment non-stop for attacks—evil twins, rogue APs, flood detection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and radio frequency jammers—without degrading network performance at all.

Spectrum Analysis – Wi-Fi spectrum analysis is a professional grade analyzer used to determine the real-time strength of a Wi-Fi signal and what might be interfering with that signal strength.

Client Timeline – To get an intuitive and historical view of client devices, Client Timeline allows admins to easily see how clients associate, authenticate, and roam among access points. It is extremely useful when you need to debug or trace your wireless network.

MyPSK – MyPSK allows you to automatically assign a unique password to each client on a network. You can create up to 500 unique passwords for each network (SSID). If you have more than 500 users, you can create another SSID to handle the next set of users up to 1,000, and so on.

VLAN Pooling – To prevent broadcast traffic from flooding the network, the access point will randomly assign a VLAN (from a pool of user-defined VLANs) to each client device. The user will stay connected to the same VLAN even if they roam within range of other access points.

Customized Network Reports – For tracking the status of your network, you can get network reports customized to your needs. In just a few steps, you can quickly design the cover, select the content, and schedule the report to be delivered automatically to its recipient.

Exposure Analysis – Exposure analysis allows you to minimize risk to your guests and staff by adding alias markers to identify client devices and use contact tracing to help mitigate pandemics and other emergencies.

Try All Advanced Features Free for One Year!
All devices will come with a one-year free PRO license. When your year is up, the cost is only MSRP $50 per device each year or $120 per device for three years.

About EnGenius
EnGenius Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of pioneering wireless and voice communications. For more than 20 years, EnGenius has delivered best-in-class voice and data solutions that empower mobility, enhance productivity, and embrace simplicity. EnGenius prides itself on providing you with the best, most reliable, feature-rich, personalized network solutions to drive the success of your business.

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