EnCirca is First Registrar to Accept Landrush Orders for Amazon’s .BOT Domain Launching Today. Intended for Artificial Intelligence-Related Applications.

WOBURN, Mass., Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the leading Registrar, EnCirca is proud to offer domain registrations for .BOT, an Amazon Registry domain for the Artificial Intelligence Industry, before it enters General Availability at 16:00 UTC this Monday, October 30th. Domains can be registered at encirca.bot.

After 16:00 UTC (12pm EDT), registrations will be available in real time on a first come, first serve basis, also at www.encirca.bot

For the past few years, Amazon has limited access to .BOT domains exclusively to registrants directly involved with AI bots. Once .BOT enters General Availability Monday, all registration restrictions will be dropped.

As .BOT’s largest domain registrar, EnCirca is excited to help Amazon introduce .BOT to the global internet. To celebrate this momentous launch, EnCirca is providing Pre-Registrations for .BOT domain names.

.BOT domain names are expected to sell quickly once released this Monday.  With Pre-Registration, EnCirca will automatically register your .BOT domain name when .BOT enters General Availability. Pre-register now for an advantage over anyone else that may try to register your .BOT domain name before you.

.BOT is designed to be more than an alternative to .COM domain names. .BOT is intended to serve as the authoritative discovery space for all artificial intelligence (AI) applications, also known as bots, linking bot creators with their end-users, as well as providing bot creators with the necessary resources to help them with their own development. 

With the full force of Amazon behind .BOT, this domain name is sure to disrupt the industry. Make sure you solidify your web presence for years to come and get your name first.  Trademark owners are advised to defensively register to prevent cybersquatting.

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About EnCirca

EnCirca (www.encirca.com) is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar renowned for leading the charge in domain name security and technology. In 2018, EnCirca became the first and only domain name registrar working directly with Amazon to provide .BOT domain names to the Artificial Intelligence and Bot community. Since then, EnCirca has assisted .BOT registrants to solidify their online presence, and so the majority of .BOT early adopters still use their domains today. A technology leader in the registrar industry, EnCirca is uniquely qualified to manage .BOT registrations, along with all other domain names of significance.

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