Empowering Digital Freedom: Liberation Technology Services Unveils Cutting-Edge Cloud and Iass Solutions for Businesses and Organizations

Liberation Technology Services (LTS) remains at the forefront of innovation, offering game-changing CSP and Infrastructure as a Service solutions that rival those of Big Tech. Their unique ability to construct robust tech infrastructure and independent digital solutions continue to empower businesses and organizations to achieve digital freedom, leading with efficiency and online sovereignty.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Company efficiency and time management have long been two top concerns of businesses and organizations globally, because as the saying goes, “time is money.”

Companies that specialize in cloud computing and build one-source-of-truth technologies, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, are continuing to emerge and transform the way we work.

According to a survey conducted by the software company Zapier, the average employee uses around 10 different apps to do their job. With each app requiring a separate login and authentication, employees can spend up to 32 days per year just logging in and out of various tools and platforms. That’s a staggering amount of wasted time, lost productivity and unnecessary administrative overhead.

Companies like Liberation Technology Services are leading the development of comprehensive productivity and analytics tools like HUB for Teams, allowing SME’s, large corporations and global organizations to access a suite of business tools in one place, replacing up to 12 apps in a central platform.

One-source-of-truth technology solutions with multiple use cases that solve multiple problems and increase business productivity are becoming an integral part of standard operating procedures.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must  streamline their workflows in order to increase revenues. Simply adding more tools or solutions does not necessarily lead to improved performance. Instead, businesses should focus on leveraging one-source-of-truth Iass technology with secure, uncompromised cloud services to achieve overall gains.

Businesses who move their operations to the cloud can experience a 20.66% average improvement in time-to-market and a 18.48% average reduction in IT spending. This is the power of cloud computing.

Even security breach costs can be minimized, a study conducted by IBM, states the average cost of a data breach for a company is $3.86 million USD. However, cloud-based solutions can significantly reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches and lower the potential cost of a data breach. The same study found that companies who had fully deployed security automation technologies in the cloud experienced an average cost savings of $2.16 million USD in data breach costs compared to those who did not leverage cloud-based solutions for their security needs.

Unexpectedly, Gartner is reporting that by 2025 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault, rather than the cloud service provider’s. This is why businesses need to properly utilize cloud computing in order to avoid cybersecurity risks. Companies can benefit from the advanced security features provided by cloud service providers like Liberation Technology Services that also produce Iass solutions in order to avoid the burden of having to manage their own complex security infrastructure.

Businesses and organizations will need to stay at the forefront of this technological shift that is happening online. Employing the best productivity and cyber security technology via comprehensive cloud-based Iass solutions that empower businesses and organizations to achieve true digital freedom internally and beyond.

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Liberation Technology Services (LTS) is a full-scale provider of tech infrastructure and independent digital solutions. Liberation Technology Services advances businesses, and organizations of all sizes with private cloud hosting, web/app development solutions and a multi-layered “Iron Dome” cyber-defense system supported by zero-knowledge private data centers located throughout the United States. Liberation Technology Services proudly offers un-compromised privacy and cyber security, and a censorship free guarantee, preserving the freedom and security of businesses, and organization’s data and likeness online.

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