EmbodyMe, Inc. Unveils xpression avatar: Transforming Selfies into Dynamic AI Avatars for Expressive Video Communication

TOKYO, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EmbodyMe, Inc., a pioneering generative AI developer based in Tokyo, proudly announces the launch of xpression avatar, a groundbreaking app available on iOS and Android devices. This application empowers users to effortlessly create, customize, and animate avatars resembling their own likeness for use in videos and chats.

With xpression avatar, users can embody any version of their digital self, adding a personal touch to their communication through an array of AI-driven customizations. Leveraging proprietary neural rendering technology, the avatars seamlessly synchronize with users’ head movements and facial expressions, allowing for an unparalleled level of personalization in video communication.

Endless Possibilities with xpression avatar’s Generative AI Technology
The generative AI technology within xpression avatar converts user selfies into avatars spanning various styles, including humanoid, CG, Cinematic anime, 90’s hip hop, and more. With a simple tap, users can freely converse with their avatars, have them sing, or prompt them to express emotions such as joy with laughter. The app’s customizations are virtually limitless, enabling users to create unique backgrounds, hairstyles, makeup, clothing, and accessories to suit any mood or scenario.

Avatars can be finely detailed by uploading from 4 to 16 selfies, capturing different angles and expressions, or users can opt for a simplified AI avatar generated from a single photo. From sporting a mohawk in a rainforest to donning armor in outer space, xpression avatar offers a broad spectrum of creative possibilities.

Issay Yoshida, CEO of EmbodyMe, Inc., stated, “As avatar and AI generation continue to evolve, EmbodyMe is dedicated to updating our product line to provide consumers with easy and fun ways to leverage this technology. xpression avatar is the latest addition to our suite of AI apps, facilitating creative communication for users worldwide.”

EmbodyMe’s Portfolio of AI Apps
EmbodyMe, Inc. is a leading developer in the AI app marketplace, with products like xpression chat, a virtual conversation app; and xpression camera, a real-time, face-filtering app animating users’ facial expressions onto any face-featured photo. EmbodyMe’s apps have gained popularity in video meetings, live streaming, social media videos, and casual conversations.

xpression avatar is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $7.99 a week/ $79.99 a year/or a lifetime subscription for $244.99.

About EmbodyMe, Inc.
EmbodyMe, Inc. is a Tokyo-based company specializing in generative AI, providing innovative solutions for user-generated video and image manipulation content. With a team of experts in deep learning and computer graphics, EmbodyMe addresses audio-visual communication challenges. The company has garnered support from renowned investors, including Techstars, IncubateFund, and DeepCore (a Softbank AI-focused fund). EmbodyMe’s successful product lineup includes EmbodyMe, a VR app, xpression for iOS, a meme generator, xpression camera, and the newly launched xpression chat.

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