EdgeIQ Bolsters Leadership with Chris Dunn as Head of Marketing and Anand Rau as Technical Advisor

This dual appointment underscores EdgeIQ’s commitment to steering the Connected Product Economy with leadership in IoT Device Management and Digital Workflow Orchestration.

BOSTON, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EdgeIQ, the leader in device and data workflow orchestration for the Connected Product Economy, proudly announces the appointment of Chris Dunn as Head of Marketing and Anand Rau as a new Technical Advisor. Dunn has vast experience in enterprise software marketing, AIOps, and business process orchestration. Rau brings an impressive background in solving product challenges for IoT (Internet of Things) and telematics solution providers. The two will help shape EdgeIQ’s product direction and narrative.

Chris Dunn, with a robust background at Gartner, Loom Systems (acquired by ServiceNow), and Appian, is set to lead EdgeIQ’s marketing strategy, focusing on growth and market positioning. Anand Rau, formerly CTO and SVP of Engineering at CalAmp, brings a rich history of transforming hardware-focused businesses into solution-centric powerhouses. His expertise in device management, data telemetry, and IoT orchestration complements EdgeIQ’s mission to simplify the complexity of transforming connected product businesses.

“Leading marketing at EdgeIQ presents a unique and thrilling opportunity. EdgeIQ has proven its ability to solve a complex challenge that even the largest software providers struggle to address — effectively managing and orchestrating workflows around connected devices across a growing ecosystem of internal and external applications and services,” commented Chris Dunn. “This capability sets EdgeIQ apart in the IoT ecosystem. My goal is to elevate EdgeIQ’s awareness as the indispensable partner for businesses eager to unlock the full market opportunity of the Connected Product Economy.”

“Joining EdgeIQ as an Advisor allows me to contribute to a company that’s at the forefront of addressing the challenges in IoT device management,” said Anand Rau. “EdgeIQ’s platform is uniquely positioned to revolutionize how companies manage the complexity around their connected device value chain, driving business outcomes with efficiency and scale.”

“Bringing Chris and Anand into the EdgeIQ family marks a significant milestone in our effort to help the tens of thousands of companies at the foundation of the Connected Product Economy,” said Michael Campbell, CEO of EdgeIQ. “Together, they bring a blend of strategic insights and practical expertise that will help EdgeIQ deliver workflow-centric solutions where others see barriers.”

About EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ is helping grow the Connected Product Economy with a purpose-built orchestration platform delivering device- and data-centric workflows. EdgeIQ’s platform simplifies the management of connected devices and their data throughout an organization’s application, infrastructure and services ecosystem. With EdgeIQ, organizations can focus their most valuable internal resources on building products, not tools, while accelerating and de-risking their business transformation strategies. http://edgeiq.ai

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