E-commerce Pioneer Fulfillment Hub USA Leads Florida Business with $12 Million Projected Annual Revenue

MIAMI, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — E-commerce has been revolutionized in South Florida with Fulfillment Hub USA. With projected annual revenue of $12 million in 2021, they are leading the pack with a high traction business that has made them part of the powerful growing Techxodus wave of top market talent coming from all over America. The nearly tripling of annual profit from $5 million in 2020 has proven that there is no slowing down the massive stimulus of work being brought to the region by the company.  

Heralding in a new era of business, CEO Abel Horvath is helping turn Miami into the next Silicon Valley. With headquarters that house dynamic employees and burgeoning technology, his company shines in the heart of the city’s international shipping hub that gravitates pull from Europe and South America.

Fulfillment Hub USA oversees shipping, warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, kitting, and more. The company dynamics, though, involve much more than just delivering packages. They produce a global workflow that has them teaming up with large corporations, as equally as smaller startups. With past e-commerce set-up what happened between the order confirmation and delivery was complex. But, now Fulfillment Hub USA unequivocally gets the job done properly, swiftly and in a superb expert fashion. 

Business owners such as top jewelry designers to world-renowned shops like Lululemon Athletica can concentrate on marketing and sales rather than worrying about the small details that keep them afloat. They are the ultimate one stop shop that boasts all in one solutions for all ecommerce needs: fulfillment, import, export, freight, warehousing, web development, design, payment processing, and SEO.

The unique features of FHU highlight multi-channel sales, multi-platform integration, discounted shipping rates, reliable returns policy, a global warehouse network, customized services, real-time tracking solutions, scalable operations, automated process, and capable WMS.

Fully integrated online platform have pre-set connections to over 40 marketplaces and carriers. And there is an optimizable automation to minimize expenses for customers. All sales and shipping activities are visible in one place no matter how many stores you are selling on. In addition, FHU has highly secure warehouses in Miami, as well as NJ and soon to open in LA.

For more information on the company leading the e-commerce revolution visit FHU website.