Debately App, Live Streaming Debate App Which Offers Head to Head Live Debates, Plans 2021 Launch

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Debately App, a new live streaming video app which gives users the ability to challenge others to live video debates plans on going live in 2021, according to the company’s founder, Rich Castaldo.

“I am pleased to announce that we are in the final phases of development for this exciting an groundbreaking app that will fill a much needed void in the app space and provide potential users the ability to earn money right from their mobile phones. We are excited to go live and offer an unbiased platform for millions to utilize, share ideas, talk it out, and earn money.”

As coronavirus upends life as we know it, forcing people to socially distancing at home in an effort to slow the spread, more interactions, communication, and even debates occurring through our mobile devices. If we can’t sit down in person and chat about a topic, or better yet, present our argument, we should be able to at least do it through a mobile device, right? That’s what tech entrepreneur and app developer Rich Castaldo had in mind when he launched Debately.

Made to be a live-streaming app that makes it easier than ever before for users to “go live” and share content, Debately has a unique angle to it that no other social media site embodies: it’s a place where users can challenge others to 1-on-1 debates.

Debately will enable users to make a profile for free and broadcast live to their followers. They will also be able to pair up with other individuals and schedule debates on topics ranging from business and politics, to sports and new technology concepts.

Best of all, Debately will have a monetary component that enables users to earn money while debating with other users.

“We wanted to maximize the usefulness by incorporating an earning feature. It will entice users to debate more regularly, since they can earn money sharing their thoughts and making their arguments,” said Castaldo. “It’s the best alternative to debating in a world where we can’t sit in the same room as other people for the time being. And it will continue to be an innovative option thereafter.”

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