Dark Cubed Launches D3Alert™

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dark Cubed, the cyber security company empowering small and medium sized businesses with affordable, automated threat detection and blocking, today announced the release of D3Alert™, a built-in capability that automatically notifies the relevant teams when an internal device establishes communication with a high-risk external device.

“Small and medium sized businesses, local municipalities, and other organizations can’t afford SIEMs and SOCs to monitor their network activity,” noted Vince Crisler, Dark Cubed CEO.  “Intelligent automation is the only way to bring cyber security to this underserved community, and D3Alert™ is the next tool in Dark Cubed’s ever-expanding toolbox that gives the SMB community a fighting chance against the onslaught of cyber attacks.”

Dark Cubed’s automated threat detection and blocking solution has been built from scratch with a focus on the needs – and budget limitations – of the SMB market. Dark Cubed uses dozens of threat feeds, it’s own proprietary predictive analytics, and its patented community analytics to score the risk of every device connecting to the network, automatically blocking the highest risk IPs that are likely the source of a potential attack or other nefarious activity.  With D3Alert™, security or IT teams, or MSPs, will know which internal device is connecting to a malicious external IP, helping them pinpoint the location of a potential breach, stop it, and speed remediation.

“Nearly all cyber attack techniques require communication between compromised devices on the network and the external device from which the attack is launched and controlled,” added Juan Vela, Dark Cubed’s CTO. “This automated alerting functionality can help markedly reduce the time between a breach and its discovery, without the need for labor-intensive network monitoring, a luxury the SMB community can’t afford.”

The combination of Dark Cubed’s automated blocking functionality and D3Alert™ greatly reduces the need to manually monitor network activity continuously, yielding 24×7 protection for SMBs with zero human interaction, no hardware, no software to install, and no agents.

D3Alert™ is available now as a standard component of the Dark Cubed automated threat detection and blocking platform, and is available immediately via Dark Cubed’s network of Managed Service Providers and other partners.  To learn more, visit darkcubed.com or reach out at https://darkcubed.com/contact-us.

About Dark Cubed

Dark Cubed (darkcubed.com) brings information security to the 99% of companies without the resources to implement security today. The Dark Cubed SaaS solution augments existing firewalls to provide enterprise-grade security capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other products. We partner with MSPs and service providers to secure their customer base, increase revenue, and capture new customers. Founded by a former White House CISO, Dark Cubed is headquartered in Alexandria, VA.

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