Cyber Intelligence Expert's Firm Launches New Security Tool to Detect and Defend Threats to Critical National Infrastructure

MILLERSVILLE, Md., Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Timed to coincide with the new U.S. focus on cyber security in the critical infrastructure, The Bellwether Group introduces VAULT Systems, a custom hardware and intelligent software platform capable of visualizing data and detecting, defending and mitigating cyber threats to critical national infrastructure.

The announcement coincides with the July 28, 2021, National Security Memorandum issued from the White House that targets cybersecurity threats as "the most significant and growing issues confronting our Nation."

"The Memorandum establishes a voluntary initiative intended to drive collaboration between the federal government and the critical infrastructure community to improve the cybersecurity of control systems. VAULT Systems can help the critical infrastructure community improve their cybersecurity posture," said The Bellwether Group CEO and founder Tim Teal. Critical infrastructure includes electric, water, oil and natural gas, transportation, food and beverage distribution, as well as interconnected systems such as maritime and port operations, air traffic control, and dams.

"We are launching VAULT Systems custom hardware and intelligent software platform, specifically designed to decipher, monitor and protect critical infrastructure," said Teal. The new VAULT Systems leverages best-in-class ICS (Incident Command System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) equipment data collection and visualization tools from IoT International, as well as custom cyber network defense and forensics analytics developed by The Bellwether Group, Inc. This combination will enable operators to monitor equipment, and identify and actively deter cyber threats in real time.

Teal recently retired from the U.S. Cyber Command as the Director of J6/J8/J9 of the Cyber National Mission Force at US Cybercommand. He was also a founding member of the National Security Agency’s "Hunt Mission," which deployed tactical tools and capabilities to detect and eradicate network adversaries across the Department of Defense. This background and knowledge of cyber operations and defense enables The Bellwether Group to add unparalleled tools and capabilities to protect critical infrastructure.

About The Bellwether Group
Founded two years ago by U.S. cybersecurity expert, Tim Teal, the Bellwether Group is a veteran-owned and operated small business in Maryland. In addition to VAULT Systems, The Bellwether Group also has a custom hardware and software product line called Vimana. The Vimana platforms are designed to support cyber operations globally through advanced artificial intelligence situational awareness software and state of the art cyber tools.

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