Cutting-edge HINGE Axis Amazon Software Now Offers a "Forever Free" Plan for Automated Reporting

CINCINNATI, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HINGE Axis is a unique SaaS software for Amazon sellers, developed by HINGE GLOBAL, a leading eCommerce consulting agency. HINGE Axis enables online sellers to manage and grow their Amazon businesses, while also saving them time and money.

HINGE Axis offers a FREE PLAN that enables Amazon sellers to pin-point the strategies that are working or not working on their business.  The HINGE Axis free plan covers all of the Advanced Reporting features, including:

  • A Real-Time Dashboard — The Dashboard consolidates key performance metrics from over 200 separate Amazon reports into a single intuitive visual interface.
  • Advertising Analytics — This allows eCommerce Advertising Managers to analyze paid search (PPC), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) performance, and eCommerce traffic data.
  • 2 Years of Historical Data — HINGE Axis is the only service that automatically extracts two years of daily data so that Amazon business managers can quickly assess performance trends across key metrics.
  • Customizable performance tracking by brand, sub-brand, product attribute, or other user-defined groupings.

HINGE Axis is the only eCommerce software of its kind to provide the full breadth of practical features to streamline the running of Amazon eCommerce businesses.  HINGE Axis now tracks Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central for the US and Canada. 

"As a top eCommerce agency, managing over $650MM in eCommerce revenue, we recognize that effectively selling on Amazon has become extremely time-consuming because of the level of complexity of the marketplace. The state-of-the-art business analytics in HINGE Axis provides a level of transparency that is not possible just from using Amazon’s Vendor Central or Seller Central reports. Our automated systems integrate hundreds of reports seamlessly, making it possible for eCommerce managers to keep a finger on the pulse of their business. HINGE Axis transforms how companies run their Amazon operations."  — Dean Seifert, President – HINGE GLOBAL

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