CTL Listed at #14 on Portland Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Oregon and SW Washington

PORTLAND, Ore., June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Portland Business Journal named CTL as the 14th fastest-growing private company in Oregon and SW Washington at an awards ceremony on Thursday night for the region’s top 100 fastest-growing private companies.

“At CTL, we pride ourselves on crafting tailor-made technology solutions that empower our customers to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape,” states Erik Stromquist, CEO of CTL. “Every member of our organization is focused on innovation to deliver value and drive meaningful growth for the businesses worldwide.”

It’s the fourth time in recent years that CTL made the Portland Business Journal list, appearing each year from 2017 through 2019. CTL’s recent achievement is based on a percentage of revenue growth from 2020 to 2022.

“CTL is uniquely positioned to grow because, regardless of year-to-year macroeconomic conditions, our focus is on customer and partner relationships,” emphasizes Erik Stromquist, CEO of CTL. “By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, we deliver solutions that drive customer success and fuel sustainable business growth.”

Stromquist accepted the honor on-stage for CTL along with: Mike Mahanay (Vice President of Marketing; Jeremy Burnett (Vice President of IT); Merrill Atwood (Vice President of Global Business Development and Alliances); Jennifer Boyanovsky (Director of Finance); Loren Hrabak (National Sales Manager); and Friedrich Gloekler (Sr. Account Manager).

See the list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Oregon and SW Washington here (subscription required).

About CTL

CTL builds award-winning ChromeOS solutions backed by frictionless service and support. Our Chromebook and Cloud Computing Solutions support EdTech and Enterprise teams in over fifty countries across the globe. In 2022, CTL was named to the list of “Best & Brightest Companies to Work For.” For more information about CTL and to purchase CTL products, visit us at ctl.net

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