CorsairM360 Announces Acquisition of Material Intellect

The acquisition will expand the company’s API Management solutions to include AI-driven data aggregation and advanced analytics services

AUSTIN, Texas and HOUSTON, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CorsairM360, a full-service API management technology company today announces the acquisition of Material Intellect, a system integrator focused on delivering artificial intelligence (AI) driven data aggregation and analytics solutions. 

“Acquiring Material Intellect provides CorsairM360 the opportunity to provide current and future clients with services to aggregate and analyze vast quantities of structured and unstructured data using the latest AI technology,” said Keith Bacon, CorsairM360’s CEO. “Material Intellect’s platform complements CorsairM360’s Maestro360™ portable multi-tenant API management platform and extends the company’s ability to provide its clients with a comprehensive solution that allows them to easily build new applications and manage the data they generate.”

“The acquisition by CorsairM360 is a logical next step for both firms,” said Harry Bushong, Material Intellect, CEO. “Together, the two companies will provide a solution set not available from any other organization. Our solutions will help clients easily build applications and then better understand how to predict outcomes from the data generated by these applications. This will reduce costly mistakes resulting from poor data analytics, particularly where complex data sets are concerned.”

Both companies share the same dedication to improving their clients’ experience by enabling them to deliver applications and process data faster and at lower costs. The combined capabilities of both organizations will create a single company that will uniquely provide innovative solutions to millions of companies of all sizes worldwide. The acquisition was accomplished through a stock transfer between the two companies. Going forward, Material Intellect will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of CorsairM360.

About CorsairM360:

CorsairM360 is an API Management technology and consulting services company that offers services that include application design, infrastructure and hosting platform blueprints, and coaching on the best strategies for application developers to follow. The company’s lightweight portable multi-tenant API management platform, MaestroM360 focuses on solving the common challenges that all complex applications create, not only a specific type of application. The MaestroM360 platform can be hosted on any cloud, using any technology in any environment, and requires little to no skill to develop and deploy.

About Material Intellect

Material Intellect, LLC is a Houston, Texas-based company working in the big data and analytics market space, aggregating structured and unstructured data to help a vast range of companies and organizations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, insurance, and defense industries understand the impact and potential threat and risk to the use of nanomaterials in their products and services. The company’s AI-driven platform integrates advanced software robot agents to perform large-scale data aggregation of open data sources in the government and industry sectors. The platform also performs data aggregation and analysis of unstructured documents from academic journals, scientific studies, and findings, as well as from patent and litigation sources. The platform holds composite data that can be used to construct new applications. 

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