Consensus Launches First Ever Presales Software Certification

Revenue teams can develop their people using Buyer enablement strategies

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Consensus announced today the launch of their digital certification program. This first-of-its-kind program allows presales and sales professionals to enhance their careers through courses focused on how digital demos and presales tools help them coach buyers through complex purchases.

Mark Green, Director of Buyer Enablement at Consensus, said, “Becoming Consensus certified will help companies and individuals find more success. Companies urging their team members to become Consensus Certified Admins will see better buying and selling experiences and increased revenue through accelerated sales. Individuals will see increased performance and receive badges they can display that show they are experts in an industry leading tool.”

The Consensus Admin Certification comes as buyer enablement strategies continue to become a trend in B2B selling. As groups like Gartner recognize how interactive demonstration applications like Consensus influence revenue across organizations, certifying individuals and company leaders gives presales and sales professionals a pathway to enhance their skills and implement proven best practices for sustained success.

Tony Francetic, Sr. Manager of Solutions Consulting at Thomson Reuters, said of the Consensus certification, “Being a Certified Consensus Admin is more than a badge. It means that you’ve taken the time to understand the full capacity of the solution and how it can be of greatest impact to your organization. Leaders and practitioners should be looked to as the guide when leveraging presales technologies, and this certification ensures they can be that guide. Even veteran leaders will be challenged to learn some new tricks and capabilities of the solution.”

The current format of the Consensus Admin Certification course gives candidates access to curriculum meant to educate them on how to set up, implement, use, and optimize Consensus within their organizations. Candidates are then tested on how they create and share demos, coach stakeholders, and manage teammates within their Consensus instance to ensure success across teams.

“Achieving the Consensus certification is a skill validation that will enhance my professional credibility,” said David May, a presales leader most recently from Verinovum. “The certification effort forced me to dig into previously unfamiliar areas of the application and gain new skills in demo automation. I have complete enthusiasm for Consensus and its impact on presales.”

Interested parties can learn more about the Consensus certification here.

Consensus, the Intelligent Demo Automation Platform, scales presales instantly with interactive video demos. Presales and technical sales teams automate repetitive product demos which allows them to reallocate that time to higher value activities. Buyers get a better experience— one that guides them with digital, interactive and on-demand video demos. This uncovers stakeholders automatically and eliminates unqualified demos, which in turn dramatically shortens sales cycles by 29% up to 68% and improves close rates by up to 44%. Market leaders like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Autodesk, Sage, Trintech, Coupa and many others trust Consensus to scale. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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