CISOs Connect Launches the 2023 CISO Choice Awards Recognizing Outstanding Cybersecurity Solutions and Providers

CISOs Select Winners Based on Real-world Experience; Vendor Submissions Now Open

NEW YORK, July 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CISOs Connect™ today opened nominations for its annual CISO-selected vendor recognition, the 2023 CISO Choice Awards, and named the Distinguished CISO Board of Judges that will select the winners.

Technology is proliferating as the security landscape becomes ever more challenging, and the CISO Choice Awards program has been designed to recognize the exceptional solutions that really make a difference. Security vendors of all types, sizes and maturity levels are eligible for consideration, and the program is open to providers across the globe.

Submit for consideration here:

“Without innovation, there is no way security practitioners can stay ahead of malicious actors driven by power and greed,” said Sai Iyer, CISO at Ziff Davis. “With these awards, the CISOs Connect community aims to encourage the creative entrepreneurship that is helping to keep organizations safe.”

Angela Williams, UL Solutions SVP & CISO, said: “With thousands of security vendors out there, finding the best solution for your organization’s needs is a formidable challenge. The CISO Choice Awards is an invaluable tool for cutting through the marketing noise and guiding our community toward those platforms that distinguish themselves.”

CISOs confront security challenges 24/7, so there is no one better positioned to identify the technologies that stand out from the rest of the pack. Recipients of the CISO Choice Awards are chosen by prominent security chiefs who have built and maintained their own programs. The selection process is uniquely transparent and based on clear-cut criteria.

“A vendor is not only a source of outstanding technological solutions, but must also become a trusted partner,” said Aaron Hughes, SVP and CISO at Albertsons Companies. “Industry professionals look to the CISO Choice Awards because they know the judges understand the criticality of these assets, and gauge candidates accordingly.”

The CISO Choice Awards 2023 International Board of Judges spans several verticals. It includes the following CISOs:

Aaron Hughes, Albertsons Companies
Angela Williams, UL Solutions
Bradley Schaufenbuel, Paychex
Jake Martens, Aristocrat
James Blair, Todd Corporation
Kevin McKenzie, CISOs Connect 
Michael Calderin, YAGEO Group
Neda Pitt, Belk
Ran Tenenbaum, Aroundtown SA
Sai Iyer, Ziff Davis
Shlomi Avivi, First Digital Bank

Also on the Board is best-selling author and noted analyst Richard Stiennon, whose Security Yearbook 2023 includes a directory of 3,269 security vendors.

“Cybersecurity is a global issue, and it is imperative that CISOs collaborate with peers to exchange knowledge,” said James Blair, CISO at the Todd Corporation, one of New Zealand’s largest family businesses. “The CISO Choice Awards provide that opportunity by providing a direct pathway to the best technological solutions out there.”

“Innovation and creativity are key elements in today’s evolving landscape,” said Ran Tenenbaum, CISO at Aroundtown SA, a company based in Luxembourg. “We must embrace it to align with business requirements and stay ahead of the threat curve.”

The 2023 categories are:

Business Categories
Best Use of AI
Premier Company
Visionary Company
Partner in Success
Startup Security Company

Technology Categories
API Security
Application Security
Breach and Attack Simulation
Cloud Security Solution
Cloud Workload Protection Platform
Data Security
Email Security (Phishing)
Endpoint Security
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
IoT Security
Network Security
Risk Management
Security Awareness Training
Security Operations
Security Service Edge (SSE)
Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
Threat Intelligence
Vulnerability Management

“In today’s cybersecurity landscape where threats keep evolving so fast, we as CISOs must evolve accordingly and find the innovative tools to do so,” said Shlomi Avivi, One Zero Bank CISO. “The CISO Choice Awards is a great tool for looking at the actual security value of vendors and noting the ones we believe can make a change.”

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