CISOs Connect Launches the 2022 CISO Choice Awards with Notable CISO Board of Judges

CISOs Select Winners Based on Real-world Experience; Vendor Submissions Now Open

NEW YORK, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CISOs Connect™ today announced the launch of its annual CISO-selected vendor recognition, the 2022 CISO Choice Awards, and named the Distinguished CISO Board of Judges selecting the winning solutions and providers.

Honoring security vendors of all types, sizes and maturity levels, the CISO Choice Awards program recognizes differentiated solutions valuable to the CISO and enterprise. Security solution providers are from across the world. Submit for consideration here:

The CISO Choice Awards are a differentiated program based on the real-world experiences and perspectives of end-user executives, with clear criteria and a known and transparent Board of CISO Judges. Part of Security Current’s exclusive CISOs Connect membership knowledge-sharing community, the CISO Choice Awards recipients are selected by the board who have first-hand knowhow and insights from building and maintaining their own programs.

"As CISOs grappling with real-world challenges on a daily basis, we know what distinguishes a good security solution from a great one," said Board member Matt Lemon, Huawei Mobile Services CISO. "As a member of the exclusive CISOs Connect community, we want to recognize the innovations that are keeping companies, agencies and institutions safe at a time when cyber onslaughts are dangerously mounting."

The CISO Choice Awards 2022 Board of Judges spans several verticals. The Board is made up of the following CISOs:

CN CISO Vaughn Hazen
Covanta CISO Tammy Klotz
Customers Bank EVP & CISO Endré Jarraux Walls
DC Department of Human Services (DHS) CISO Montae Brockett
Huawei Mobile Services CISO Matt Lemon
Invitae CISO Dave Ruedger
ICF International VP & CISO Joseph Dyer
IFF VP & CISO Lauren Dana Rosenblatt
One Main Financial CISO Tunde Oni-Daniel
Premise Health CISO Joey Johnson
Prologis VP, IT Governance, Information Security Officer Sue Lapierre 
Radian CISO Donna Ross
William Blair CISO Ralston Simmons

Also, on the Board is well-known author and analyst Richard Stiennon, who wrote the Security Yearbook 2022, which includes a directory of some 2800 companies.

"Knowledge sharing and education are top pillars of our CISOs Connect community, and these awards offer an unparalleled look into how top security professionals minimize existing and emerging risks," said Endré Jarraux Walls, Customers Bank EVP & CISO. "By collecting examples of real-life experiences, the awards will promote discussion and cast a spotlight on the proven partners and cutting-edge solutions that help us safeguard our organizations."

Tammy Klotz, Covanta CISO added: "With cybercrime costing the world trillions of dollars a year, thousands of security companies and startups have sprung up across the world to focus on these digital dangers, and singling out the best fit for an organization’s needs is a daunting task. The CISO Choice Awards will make it easier for our peers to see which companies have risen above the competition."

"As CISOs, finding the right cybersecurity technologies and solutions that align with our organization’s security objectives is essential, however, finding the right vendor that understands the value of true partnership is equally important," said Joseph Dyer, ICF VP & CISO. "The CISO Choice Awards provides an opportunity for knowledgeable CISOs to distinguish exceptional vendors that have developed trust, offer solid security solutions, maintain innovation, and deliver valuable partnerships."

As a fundamental part of their mission to support the CISOs and the cybersecurity solution ecosystem in order to safeguard enterprises and organizations internationally, Mayfield, a global venture capital firm, has partnered with CISOs Connect.

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Aimee Rhodes

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