CircleIt Launches User-Friendly App Update

CHICAGO, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CircleIt, the generational platform that was inspired by the unending love of a father and his desire to be there for his family long after he was gone, announces exciting new app features that offer a more user-friendly and accessible experience.

The inspiration for CircleIt is one that is extremely personal to Founder Art Shaikh. Art’s father had given him a box filled with family movies, hand-written cards and old photographs and asked Art to deliver these to family members on his behalf once he was no longer alive. At the time his father was healthy and was just preparing for the future. But a year later, Art’s father unexpectedly passed away.

This great act of love highlighted a pain point for so many individuals suffering from terminal illness, caring for elderly family members, and even dealing with unexpected tragic loss. With CircleIt, members can send cards to loved ones days, years, or decades into the future…preserving a member’s legacy for generations to come – all at absolutely no cost to its members

The new app features not only support this important mission, but help to expand on real-time, current uses of the app. This includes the creation of a "Guest Mode," which gives users the ability to send cards to family and friends without the need to register for the app. Another updated feature allows users to easily chat with family members via CircleIt’s end-to-end encrypted platform to stay connected by sending messages and media in real-time. And as always, CircleIt’s platform keeps their members’ data and messages secure in a way no other social media platform can. 

Finally, the updates include an overall enhancement of the user-experience. CircleIt has made creating personalized cards simpler with a completely overhauled card creation process, has improved navigation with a clearer menu of options, and has added an in-app assistant and a help section with easy to follow tutorials and instructions.

"A lot of testing and research has gone into this update and we’ve answered a few major asks that our loyal members have requested. We believe that creating cards and purchasing physical gifts should be as easy as buying a book on Amazon. We have a long list of groundbreaking features we’ve been diligently working through and are planning a new, major feature release every month of 2022. Keep an eye out – big things are on the horizon for CircleIt and our growing membership family!" says founder Art Shaikh

Users can download the CircleIt app at the App Store and Google Play.

About CircleIt
CircleIt founder Art Shaikh was so inspired by his father’s actions before his passing that it moved him to develop this new technology. This unique generational platform was built so that members could send cards to any future date, store old home movies, record voice messages, share vintage family photos and even order physical gifts – all to be delivered at just the right moment in time. Even after you’re gone.

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Jessica Fonseca