Cardknox’s Online Payment Processing Solutions Now Supports Split Capture Payments for E-Commerce

HOWELL, N.J., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cardknox, the leading developer-friendly payment solution provider, today announced its new Split Capture tool that’s been designed to enhance business operations for e-commerce merchants who process payments through Cardknox. With the help of this valuable feature, online businesses that ship out orders in increments can capture the amount of each separate shipment as it goes out.

As a standard practice, many e-commerce merchants process an authorization-only transaction at the time of sale in order to place a hold on the cardholder’s funds. Then, once the order has shipped out, the merchant will capture the prior authorization-only transaction in order to transfer the funds out of the cardholder’s account. While this payment processing method is ideal when the order consists of just one shipment, it is not as suitable for orders that are fulfilled in multiple increments.

To address this common pain point for wholesalers and other online retailers, Cardknox has launched its new Split Capture tool. Cardknox clients who use the Cardknox Merchant Portal web application to process payments now have the option to enable Split Capture in order to run multiple captures for a single transaction. By doing so, merchants are able to place a hold on the total transaction amount at the time of sale and then initiate funding as each shipment goes out. As a result, they’ll enjoy more control over their payment processing flow, and they’ll be able to maintain more organized records in which payments adequately reflect shipments.

In addition to rolling out Split Capture within the Cardknox Merchant Portal, Cardknox has added Split Capture to its API so that independent software vendors and developers can set up clients with Split Capture via a Cardknox gateway integration.

“We’re excited to add Split Capture to our extensive lineup of e-commerce features,” says Mark Paley, VP of Sales at Cardknox. “Cardknox strives to develop payment solutions that cater to the unique needs of merchants, and for e-commerce businesses in particular, we know that having a streamlined order fulfillment and invoicing process is of tremendous value.”

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