Cardknox Launches Quick Response (QR) Code Capability for Developers

HOWELL, N.J., June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cardknox, a leading developer-friendly, omnichannel payment gateway, today announced its Quick Response (QR) code capability, allowing developers and their merchants to deliver a contactless payment option that reduces friction and boosts sales. With QR code technology, merchants can improve customer satisfaction by offering a quick, safe, and secure checkout experience. 

Using the Cardknox API, developers can now generate unique QR codes that can be displayed on their clients’ receipts or point-of-sale devices so that customers are able to make payments with ease. Customers simply scan the QR code with their mobile device and are redirected to a custom online payment form with pre-filled fields.

This latest addition to Cardknox’s extensive omnichannel payment solutions will prove increasingly valuable as customer expectations move toward contactless payment methods. According to a Mastercard global consumer study, nearly eight in 10 say they use contactless payments. 

Cardknox QR code technology supports a wide range of use cases, reflective of Cardknox’s extensive experience in various industries. For example, a restaurant can print a QR code on a receipt for the customer to scan and pay at the table without ever handling a credit card. Or, a healthcare provider can put a QR code on an invoice to direct the patient to a payment form that’s pre-filled with account information and dates of service.

Some unique benefits of Cardknox’s QR code feature include:

  • Increased speed of payments: Contactless payments, on average, are at least two times faster than standard payments. With transactions taking place at a quicker rate, merchants will increase customer satisfaction while improving cash flow.
  • Accuracy of payment information: Since QR codes can store large volumes of data that are then passed on to pre-filled payment sites, inaccurate data input is significantly reduced.
  • Higher security: Developers and merchants can rest assured that payment data is secure since any data processed via the QR code’s web page is hosted on Cardknox’s secure and PCI-compliant payment infrastructure.
  • Boosted sales: A brand that delivers fast, secure transactions will garner more sales than one that is slow and arduous.

Mark Paley, Cardknox’s VP of Sales, adds that "Our QR code solution allows ISVs and developers to set up merchants with a touchless checkout experience that consumers are demanding. We’re excited to add this to our lineup of payment features that cater to the rapidly-evolving payment and retail landscapes."

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