California Hospitals Becoming Proactive in Preparation for Fires, Hacks, Pandemics, Weather Threats, and Earthquakes

TRUCKEE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since fires have recently plagued California, hospital emergency coordination tools have gotten additional attention. The ability for hospitals to reach staff everywhere is now a new priority for healthcare management teams. John C. Fremont Hospital, near Yosemite National Park in Mariposa California, recently sent FastCommand text alert fire warnings directly to all staff phones. When a large local fire threatened their rural hospital the instant alerting of the staff to take action was a real need. The ability to reach staff wherever they might be as events develop is now a crucial safety advantage for California Hospitals.

In January 2021 the state of California required healthcare staff be alerted quickly upon exposure to the fatal coronavirus. Alhambra Hospital in Alhambra, California utilized text alerts tied to exposure letters to meet state requirements during the initial threat. Alerts sent to medical staff phones are a quick and dependable advantage in protecting lives. FastCommand is now readied for future pandemics and threats if needed.

Earthquake response now requires hospital tools be be readied ahead of time.  AHMC Healthcare Inc. in metro Los Angeles is setting up banner alerts to complement their newly designed hospital website. These alerts can appear on the hospital website directly while other alerts are sent to hospital employee phones. Should Anaheim Regional be damaged ahead during an earthquake their hospital management will be able to activate their FastCommand mobile website system to send patient admission forms directly to staff phones or to the website. The hospital can then operate from alternate locations quickly after a damaging event. Hospitals can also continue admitting patients after a hack of the patient records system if their primary admission system is temporarily unavailable.

Bakersfield Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, California purchased FastCommand in response to its 2017 active shooter incident. At the time of the shootings the hospital could not quickly reach every employee. FastCommand now speeds the warning to all staff should another active shooter attempt occur ahead.

Tahoe Forest Health System in Truckee, California has also just completed training and is now preparing for additional fire threats. By preparing now to use alerting tools the hospital will be readied for more uncertainty coming ahead.

Even other institutions in California are setting up this same protective technology. The Bishop Paiute Tribe in Bishop, California recently used FastCommand website alerts for notifying their tribe of flash flood threats during a recent weather event. Intercepting a website with fast alerts or sending text alerts is now becoming critical infrastructure for California institutions preparing to protect state citizens.

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FastCommand patented website deflection technologies are specifically designed for critical emergency situations. This cutting-edge continuity technology helps communications to endure even during website overload or phone collapse. The tools are used by non-technical healthcare staff during many threats that can quickly occur in the healthcare industry and other institutions. The system is used during situations such as pandemics, active shooter events, natural disasters, hacking situations, etc. FastCommand has public safety teams available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to serve as the hospital’s emergency communication personnel. Learn more at

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