Business Growth Tool for Amazon Sellers Adds New Profit & Accounting Features

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To help Amazon sellers, large and small, track and measure their Amazon profit and loss at a glance, FeedbackWhiz is adding a new profits tool to its product offerings. The business growth tool has added profit and accounting features designed to forecast Amazon profit, putting every seller in a position to take charge of their store’s financial health with ease.

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“The new Profits tool on FeedbackWhiz provides an extremely detailed view into your Amazon business sales and performance metrics. Equipped with beautiful graphs and modules, it provides e-commerce sellers with a fresh look into their business’ financial data,” explains Arons Lee, CTO of FeedbackWhiz.

Top features of the new Amazon analytics tool include:

  • Profit and Loss – Users can quickly access and manage all Amazon sales data and fees to measure profitability of individual or groups of product offerings.
  • Data Visualization – FeedbackWhiz automatically integrates individual store data into well-designed graphs and allows sellers to factor in recurring and unique expenses for a complete analysis.
  • Financial Reports – Easy to read bottom line reports show where an Amazon business is profitable and where it needs more attention.
  • Cogs and Expenses Management – Sellers can import and export business and cog expenses.
  • Data Aggregation – Users can group together any specific ASINs to categorize financial data into customized categories to compare analytics.
  • International Marketplace Comparison Capability – Sellers aggregate data metrics based on one or more Amazon marketplaces to optimize international selling operations.

The company highlights that currently, Amazon is more significant than ever, with more than 2.8 million third-party sellers active in the Amazon marketplace, bringing Amazon nearly $10 billion in revenue each year. “With this much competition, Amazon sellers should always keep an eye on the health of their business to remain profitable, maintain inventory, and plan for strategic growth,” the company notes.

Henson Wu, CEO of FeedbackWhiz, adds, “We are excited to provide e-commerce sellers a new tool that goes beyond just displaying data. Our goal was to deliver a solution to manage, filter easily, and customize data groups by any product, brand, or marketplace to track accurately, import, and export all Amazon financial data.”

For those interested in a free trial of FeedbackWhiz with the brand new profit and loss tool, visit the official company website.

Company Name: FeedbackWhiz
Company Description: FeedbackWhiz is an automation and management software that helps Amazon sellers increase profits, monitor, manage, and automate emails, orders, feedback, and product reviews, and grow their brand.

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Contact Phone: (408) 724-9521
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