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LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “A tree with strong roots does not fear any storm.” That is the reason that Bobby Borisov started, a set of tools that provides the foundation for any business to grow and expand around the World. The current pandemic and constantly changing market conditions are demanding that businesses need to stay flexible and adapt to new ways of doing business to survive. is an American multinational cloud-based platform for business growth and management. It provides free business management resources, e-commerce platform, professional networking. In addition, it offers persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. is also a virtual shared business office; offering many features in order to expand and manage any business at any size in any location. The content includes; files, conversations, people and it is all searchable within Bobby24. Users can add emoji buttons to their messages, on which other users can then click to express their reactions to messages. It is also a place to meet new people and expand business networks with like-minded people (without the manipulating algorithms of our competitors), it is user-friendly like the old fashion phonebook, searchable based on location, industry and company size. Reach anyone you wish within the community of Bobby24 FOR FREE.

Founding – The company’s foundation is based on the experiences of our founder; a successful world traveler and an immigrant to the United States of America that learned much during his travels and applied his knowledge, philosophy and tools into various businesses in different countries and was always able to succeed. In addition, through his journey, Bobby helped many businesses with their start-up, increasing sales, management, etc. Some people become entrepreneurs after years of planning and investing in their work, while others, like Bobby Borisov, had a natural talent to do so.

FOUNDER – Bobby Borisov renowned American businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor, and activist was a kid growing up in Bulgaria, he didn’t have the same dreams and aspirations as majority of his peers. He didn’t think of what he would be in the future – all he cared about was the present, focusing entirely on the little things he could do to earn cash anywhere. Now, fully accomplished and still pushing, Borisov’s story reads like an inspirational non-fiction to upcoming entrepreneurs and anyone looking for a surge of energy with their dreams. Bobby has championed the successful awakening of many suffering businesses and growing startups across the world through his Los Angeles based office.

Bobby is also an ardent believer in consistent self-education. “Keep going, keep growing.”

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