Blue Payment Agency Announces New My FFL Cart Payment Gateway Integrations

WINDHAM, Maine, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Payment Agency, an online payment gateway provider that focuses on firearms-friendly integrations, has just announced support for My FFL Cart clients looking to process credit cards for legal FFL-to-FFL shipments within the United States.

According to Blue Payment Agency, they have built out support and established a partnership with My FFL Cart for the following reason: "Blue Payment Agency is always looking for a way to serve the online FFL payment processing space better. Based on feedback from clients and others in the industry, it is clear that My FFL Cart is an affordably priced, easy to set up, mobile-friendly, and custom-made shopping cart developed exclusively for online FFL dealers. Because My FFL Cart is a Second Amendment-friendly shopping cart that is designed to be added to existing websites, we felt its appeal was unique and well worth supporting."

The My FFL Cart website describes their service this way: "My FFL Cart’s main purpose is to provide an online storefront. Most people already have a website but are now ready for a store. You cannot add ‘pages’ containing custom content such as blogs or forums, etc. There are 1000s of tools and services built just for that purpose already and are better suited for those needs. You will be better off to just have your ‘website’ hosted somewhere containing your custom content, etc., and then link to your online store {shopping cart} from there."

Blue Payment Agency has been building out its online FFL-dealer payment gateway program over the past few years, emphasizing clarity and service. According to Blue Payment Agency staff, the online payment processing industry in general and the FFL payment gateway business specifically have a very mixed reputation in terms of fully disclosing, in a clear, easily understood manner, the fees associated with accepting credit cards online for FFL-to-FFL transactions. This reputation has prompted Blue Payment Agency to emphasize transparent pricing in writing when working with new and established My FFL Cart clients.

Without the ability to accept credit cards for online sales and the criminal background checks that go with them, the ability for My FFL Cart-based businesses to thrive would be severely restricted.  

When an online firearms dealer sells a gun on My FFL Cart via credit card, the buyer must then choose another federally licensed dealer in their area to have the weapon shipped to. Online purchasers cannot have guns shipped directly to their home, work, or anywhere else. Instead, it must be securely shipped and delivered to a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL), who then runs a NICS check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). After a successful background check is performed, the firearm can be transferred to the purchaser.

Many e-commerce gun dealers face the misconception that guns are shipped to the buyer – like a traditional e-commerce sale. Because of this reason and a myriad of others, online FFL dealers are severely restricted in terms of which payment gateways and merchant account providers they are allowed to use. Adding to the challenge is the industry-wide feeling that FFL dealers are often subject to sub-par service levels and response times from the few payment gateway providers that do welcome their business.

This is why Blue Payment Agency of Windham, Maine is launching what they refer to as their Red Carpet Support Program for My FFL Cart clients looking to accept payments. Based on Blue Payment Agency’s web page outlining their My FFL Cart firearms payment gateways, their program includes the following:

  • Fast replies to My FFL Cart clients’ questions via telephone, email, or text message.
  • A dedicated payment gateway expert to help online FFLs whenever they require assistance, on top of existing payment gateway customer service and tech support.
  • One-on-one assistance with the application and My FFL Cart payment gateway integration.

Further details on Blue Payment Agency’s online credit card processing program for gun dealers can be found on their dedicated FFL page at

Alex Roy

SOURCE Blue Payment Agency, INC