Black Woman-Led Firm Automation Workz Ranked as Top U.S. Cybersecurity Bootcamp by Career Karma

DETROIT, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Career Karma recently ranked Automation Workz Institute among its list of top cybersecurity bootcamps in the U.S., a boost for the Black-run Detroit automation school headed by Ida Byrd-Hill that specializes in enrolling women and minorities who want to increase their salaries.

“We are excited to be ranked by Career Karma as a top cybersecurity bootcamp in the U.S.,” observed Byrd-Hill, Automation Workz’s CEO and the author of Invisible Talent Market. “We are even more excited that we ranked next to Udacity, which had $100 million in revenue in 2019. This ranking proves that as a scrappy startup, our formula is working.”

Byrd-Hill attributed her company’s success to its combining of Cisco Systems digital certification curriculum with games, case studies and puzzles that immerse students in the industry. “When students complete our program, they will have completed over 200 digital simulations and games, equal to two years of work experience. Our students are well-qualified candidates to help reduce the 3.5 million person cybersecurity talent shortage identified by Cybersecurity Ventures,” she said.

She added, “Our goal is to double each students’ salary. One recent student was placed into a network security auditor position earning $105,000. She received a $55,000 pay increase from her prior job.”

The typical student enrolled in Automation Workz’ programs has had anywhere from two to seven years’ experience in customer service, tech logistics and end-user support. They have enrolled to upgrade their knowledge and credentials to become network engineers and cybersecurity specialists.

Automation Workz has attracted Black women from Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Jacksonville and Memphis. Black women comprise 75% of its student body, according to Byrd-Hill.

According to The National Center for Educational Statistics, Black women make up the largest percentage of students enrolling in post-secondary training. They may be doing so to compensate for being the last hired and first fired in corporate America, Byrd Hill said.  

“Black women make up the largest percentage of the 5.5 million women who have lost their jobs during this ‘she-cession.’ We are excited to assist them in securing their cybersecurity certifications and upgrading their income. Women have the ability to power unprecedented economic growth for the cities in which they live.”

Automation Workz encourages adults who are hands-on learners to apply for its bootcamps. A local Workforce Development department or corporate tuition plan may pay a student’s tuition. Automation Workz also welcomes employer partners who desire to hire diverse, motivated talent. Interested parties are invited to schedule a meeting with Byrd-Hill.

A short YouTube video can be found here.

About Ida Byrd-Hill

Ida Byrd-Hill is an economist, futurist, educator and author of eight books. She holds an MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, with specialization in people management and strategy. 

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