Black Label Advisor Provides One-On-One High-Quality Amazon Market Strategies

DALLAS, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon Market specialist and Founder of the Black Label Advisor (, Jon Elder, is leveraging his experience in building and selling his own multi-million dollar Amazon FBA private label businesses to support other Amazon sellers in dominating the marketplace. Through Black Label Advisor, Elder develops tailored strategies through one-on-one consulting to ensure entrepreneurs have top authority and rapidly expand their brand presence.

Amazon is dominating the online marketplace, responsible for over 40% of total online sales. Despite its magnitude, the competitive platform can quickly overwhelm new sellers who don’t have a lot of money to throw into the platform.

“The vast majority of products on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers, NOT Amazon!” CEO and Founder of Black Label Advisor begins. “Brands are fighting to get your attention on Amazon, and it can be overwhelming. I started my own FBA business in 2014, and there was so much trial and error involved, but in the end, it was worth it. I sold my brand for seven figures, and soon realized that people were interested in creating their own similar success story on Amazon.”

Black Label Advisor walks clients through cultivating a ‘black label’ consulting experience to achieve their goals and find explosive growth. Elder’s knowledge lies in multiple realms including brand management, product ranking, PPC, listing optimization, logistics, product sourcing and development, and more. Whether you are getting your feet wet in the Amazon mechanics or looking to upgrade your store, you can skip the various trial-and-error stages with a renowned Amazon consultant.

“Many new Amazon sellers end up making the same mistakes; they launch with too many products, don’t focus on branding, and expect success while also wondering why it isn’t happening overnight,” continues Elder. “A great consultant has been through these processes, and has overcome it. I see FBA businesses becoming the #1 business model in 2021; the opportunity is there, but you need to put the work behind it in order to succeed.”

About Jon Elder

Jon Elder is the Founder of Black Label Advisor, a one-on-one exclusive consulting firm that works with entrepreneurs and brands to run private labels on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms today, Amazon. Jon builds a customized strategy for clients, and walks them through the process of achieving their growth goals. To learn more about Black Label Advisor, or Jon Elder visit

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