BitChute Launches FreeSpeak Fund to Support Free Speech Advocates Worldwide, Starting with Julian Assange

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BitChute, the leading platform for free speech and uncensored content, proudly announces the launch of the FreeSpeak Fund, a dedicated initiative aimed at championing the fundamental right to free expression. Committed to upholding the rights that all humanity is entitled to, BitChute believes inalienable rights should be inviolate. The FreeSpeak Fund pledges 10% of BitChute’s revenues to support individuals embroiled in legal battles concerning free speech issues.

Julian Assange, the renowned journalist and publisher known for founding WikiLeaks, has been a prominent figure in the fight for transparency and government accountability. Assange has been fighting extradition to the United States for over a decade, facing charges related to the publication of classified documents that exposed government misconduct. His work, including the publication of evidence of war crimes in Iraq, has sparked global debate and led to significant revelations about the actions of governments worldwide.

“People like Assange are part of the solution – not the problem,” said Ray Vahey, Founder of BitChute. “He is a journalist, and any absence of investigative journalism is what puts the system at risk.” Amy Peikoff, Chief Policy Officer of BitChute, added, “Julian Assange is being made an example of, for doing precisely what Thomas Jefferson thought a free press should do: for serving as a check against government overreach and corruption.”

BitChute remains steadfast in its dedication to providing a platform where all voices and viewpoints can be heard without fear of censorship or reprisal. The FreeSpeak Fund is another step in furtherance of BitChute’s mission to defend and uphold the principles of free thought and expression worldwide.

Furthermore, BitChute extends an invitation to other platforms, including X and Rumble, to join the FreeSpeak Fund in supporting individuals facing legal challenges due to their commitment to free speech. By uniting with other platforms, BitChute aims to create a powerful coalition dedicated to safeguarding this essential human right.

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About BitChute:
BitChute is a video service provider which puts creators first, and facilitates and advances, to the maximum extent possible, our users’ exercise of their fundamental rights. Founded in 2017 by Ray Vahey and Rich Jones, BitChute has remained committed to fighting hate through debate, rather than resorting to algorithmic manipulation or censorship.