Bestlist Cultivates Customized Search Results to Cut Through the Online Clutter

New private, safe search engine delivers meaningful results that are not paid or biased.

ATLANTA, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s simply the best: Brand-new Bestlist is a private search engine focused on helping consumers discover the "best" of anything, from travel to technology, fitness to finance, and more. The private search engine uses data aggregation and personalization to deliver custom results that are never biased or paid, making them more effective and useful than current search engine results.

"Online searches haven’t advanced much in the past 20 years. In fact, it’s become more difficult and less user-friendly to find what you’re looking for," said Bestlist founder Tyler Williams. "Our tailored results respect your privacy while delivering the information you want and need. Bestlist is an absolute game-changer when it comes to online searches."

Users can turn to Bestlist for everything from the best restaurants in Kauai to the best noise-canceling headphones to the best apps for online stock trading and much more. They can review and share their opinions by voting and create collections—both public and private — that save, update, and track their favorite listings. Searching, browsing, and duplicating other public collections provides instant information and inspiration.

"Too many searches today end with spam, ads, and a total lack of helpful information, not to mention an invasion of your online privacy," added Williams, noting that consumers’ biggest complaints about search revolve around "spammy results" and articles written to game the system, rather than supply useful information. "That’s why we created Bestlist. This revolutionary search engine is based on millions of data points, ratings, sentiment analysis, and more to give you the best answers and the best results."

About Bestlist

A private search engine, Bestlist cultivates "best of" lists for consumers based on data aggregation and personalization. Designed to cut through the clutter, Bestlist results are not biased or paid. To explore the best of the best, please visit

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