Ayrshare Announces 100 million API Calls as Demand for Social Media Integrations Surges

NEW YORK, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ayrshare, the leading social media API provider, announced that it has processed over 100 million API calls amidst strong growth for social media integrations. The company also announced the release of new social media destinations and significant API enhancements. As the leading social media API service, thousands of businesses globally rely on Ayrshare to connect to the leading social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Now businesses can post directly to Pinterest and TikTok in addition to the other eight social networks.

"In addition to posting multimedia content to Pinterest and TikTok, our clients can get historical data, and detailed analytics to see the effectiveness of these efforts," said Boris Markovich, Co-Founder of Ayrshare. "Pinterest and TikTok are critical marketing and e-commerce channels for small and large businesses, and Ayrshare clients can now access these platforms via a single API." Ayrshare’s connectivity uses approved connections to the Pinterest API and TikTok API.

The Leading Social Media API

The Ayrshare API offers businesses a single solution to handle their social media infrastructure. New features include automatic Twitter Thread "Tweetstorm" creation, YouTube Shorts support, rich text posting, Google My Business "What’s New" announcements, new Instagram and Pinterest analytics data, and auto image resizing.

"It is critical to work with a social media API provider who stays on top of all the new developments of the rapidly changing social media platforms," added Geoffrey Bourne, Co-Founder of Ayrshare. "The Ayrshare team is constantly adding new features to ensure our clients continue to cost-effectively build the most modern social media experiences with dramatically less code."

The API addresses the needs of SaaS, CMS, DAM, Agencies, and Platforms that post content to multiple social media networks on behalf of their users. With just a few lines of code, every product can now be a social media platform to post on behalf of their users.

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About Ayrshare

Ayrshare is an enterprise software company that provides the core infrastructure for social media posting, management, and analytics. With Ayrshare, thousands of businesses now focus on building their product instead of stitching together and maintaining multiple social media platforms. The company is privately held and is headquartered in New York City, NY. To learn more, visit www.ayrshare.com.

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