Axiom Cloud’s DOE-Funded “Refrigeration Energy Management” Project Moves into Deployment Phase

OAKLAND, Calif., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Axiom Cloud today announced that, based on the success of the initial enrollment period, the "Refrigeration Energy Management” grant has received approval from DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) to proceed into the Deployment and Operation phase. Although the project is entering its next phase, there is still funding available for additional facilities to participate.

EERE provided project funding to the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER), with the goal of helping grocery stores and supermarkets use energy in a way that reduces their costs, while lowering strain on National Grid‘s electrical grid during peak times.

"There are over 80,000 large, central refrigeration systems in North American grocery stores – Axiom is transforming them into intelligent batteries so that they can supply gigawatts of flexibility to the grid, and make money doing it," said Amrit Robbins, CEO of Axiom Cloud. "This program has enabled Axiom to support new customers in a new region, and we are excited to have found grocers, including a national chain with thousands of stores, that are ready to take action"

Refrigeration systems consume up to 65% of a grocery store’s energy, and historically these loads have been completely inflexible. With more than 2,000 grocery stores across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, load shifting of refrigeration represents a 40-100 MW opportunity. Axiom Cloud’s apps use IoT and machine learning to unlock this flexibility, while also helping to solve many problems that plague the refrigeration industry.

"As Rhode Island works to meet its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050, the state must continue to lead the nation in developing cost-effective, clean energy solutions that reduce energy consumption, increase grid reliability, and shrink our carbon footprint," said State Energy Commissioner Nicholas Ucci. "We are excited to see this project advance and look forward to working with our partners in making it a success."

This grant covers all deployment and operational costs required for Axiom’s apps. All stores will be enrolled in National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program, which will allow them to earn up to $300 per kW of flexible load by reducing their energy consumption during periods of high grid demand. Participating stores will also be alerted to predicted equipment outages and other energy efficiency opportunities.

"Reducing energy consumption during peak days and adding more flexible loads to the grid is just one of the many ways in which National Grid is supporting the transition towards a cleaner energy landscape," said John Isberg, VP Customer Sales & Solutions at National Grid "National Grid is excited to support our customers as they become more intelligent energy consumers."

Grocery stores that are interested in earning new revenue and reducing their operational costs are encouraged to reach out to
to learn more about this no-cost opportunity. Funding is available to grocery stores that have National Grid electric service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

About Axiom Cloud
Axiom Cloud’s mission is to use software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained, in order to generate significant climate and financial impact. Axiom’s team of refrigeration experts, data scientists, energy experts, and software developers solves retail grocery’s biggest energy and maintenance challenges by layering intelligence onto their existing refrigeration systems.

About Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources
The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources’ (OER) mission is to lead the state toward a clean, affordable, reliable, and equitable energy future. OER develops policies and programs that respond to the state’s evolving energy needs, while advancing environmental sustainability, energy security, and a vibrant clean energy economy. OER is committed to working with public- and private-sector stakeholders to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have access to cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable energy solutions.

About National Grid
National Grid (NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people through our networks in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. National Grid is transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, please visit our website.

This material is based upon work supported by EERE under the Buildings Technology Office Award Number DE-EE0009464.

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