As the First Cannabis-Centered Video Sharing Social Network, SmokeSesh.Life Looks Towards Official Launch

DENVER, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Created nearly one year ago by Travis "TJ" Owens, SmokeSesh.Life is finalizing plans to officially come to market as the first cannabis-focused social media site of its kind. With hundreds of users already signed up, and more than $12,000 contributed via Kickstarter and private funding, the collaborative network is off to a running start. As preparations are made for the platform’s official debut, SmokeSesh.Life has already generated a considerable amount of buzz within the cannabis industry.

Owens has built an extensive foundation of experience through his work on many of the biggest social sites in the world, including roles such as MySpace Group Manager, Yahoo Chat Mod, for Cause Community Organization Manager, and others. Although his vision for SmokeSesh.Life got its start many years ago, he only officially began working on it on July 31st of last year.

Since then, hundreds of users, content creators, and cannabis organizations have made the move to be a part of the one-of-a-kind social media platform. As described by site founder Owens, SmokeSesh.Life is intended to be a platform where all adults can feel welcome – and you don’t need to be a cannabis consumer to enjoy what the site has to offer:

Our goal is not to be cannabis exclusive, but inclusive. As creators in the space, we know not everyone is going to be about it… and we already have fans and followers who may not partake, but they enjoy the content of those who do. The only thing different [from most other social media platforms] that our app affords is an 18+ environment that in turn, allows the use of cannabis in the content shared to the platform.

Being ahead of the curve of legalization, we are placing ourselves at the pinnacle of social cannabis and mass media to show that if you design it from the ground up, a platform based in cannabis (but not exclusive to) can and will work for all involved.

Subscription fees paid by brands and businesses go directly towards the operation and maintenance of the site. For example, one of the key elements in the platform’s administration is a Q/A team that protects users from fraudulent businesses attempting to market unapproved or unsafe products. Business licenses are regularly verified by the Q/A team, and illegal sales and related activities result in the removal of the involved accounts. Another program funded by subscriber fees is the Creator Network, which pays its creators a monthly stipend. As the network grows, SmokeSesh.Life expects to create hundreds of new jobs worldwide within the field of cannabis marketing and influencing.

Owens’ plans for the future of SmokeSesh.Life includes a specialized internal marketing agency, which will provide opportunities specifically crafted for cannabis content creators. His goal is to support micro-influencers (5K50K followers) and fuel an active market of local and national ad campaigns, advertiser subscription program options, and more. Ultimately, his goal for advertising on SmokeSesh.Life is to streamline the social media marketing experience for brands and site users alike.

For more information about SmokeSesh.Life, visit their website at or their Kickstarter page at

About SmokeSesh.Life
Founded by marketing and social media expert Travis "TJ" Owens, SmokeSesh.Life is slated to be the world’s very first go-to platform for cannabis-friendly social media engagement. Members are welcome to share everything from everyday cannabis-centric life to products, services, and brands. The site features an online marketplace for designers and contributors, as well as a broad range of opportunities for relevant brands to connect with cannabis enthusiasts. SmokeSesh.Life is a member of the LOT Network, which also includes one of the most downloaded apps around the globe, TikTok. The Denver-based company has been in business for nearly one year and is preparing for a full, nationwide launch in the near future.

You can find SmokeSesh.Life on most social media networks, including TikTok (, Instagram (, Twitter (, and Facebook ( The site also manages a Facebook Group with more than 9.2K members, which will serve as the starting point for future charitable efforts:

For more information, please contact
Travis Owens

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