Art Company, Tellinga, Becomes First Company to Leverage Physical-Style Social Media Advertising; Disrupts Traditional Direct Mail Adverts to Offer Uniquely Creative Opportunity

HOUSTON, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Originally a boutique arthouse that creates bespoke illustrations and episodic drawings sent to recipients through direct mail, Tellinga recently decided to add social media-style advertising into its physical mail stories to give advertisers a new and meaningful way to reach customers. Using collected customer data received as part of the normal ordering process – along with customer interests and demographics – Tellinga can target original, artist-drawn ads to specific customer interests: disrupting, reshaping, and bringing onscreen social media-style ads into customers’ physical home mailboxes.

"Traditional advertising through direct mail has severely declined because it’s too impersonal and easily ignored," said Alex Kurkowski, Tellinga founder. "Advertising always works best when it reaches deep – becomes a personal and moving experience. It’s just that simple. And that’s precisely what we are already doing: telling personal stories that fold-in the recipient as part of the show. We like to think of our art as an ongoing television show delivered to your weekly mailbox, with you as the star – kind of like getting to be Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones.’ Now, we’re going to do the same thing with direct mail advertising – and it will change everything about the mailed-advert business."

Tellinga – The Traditional Mail Art Process, Perfected

Mail art (postal art) is an artistic movement centered on sending original, collectible artwork through the postal service. Using handcrafted 5" x 7" cards that are mailed in grocery bag envelopes, Tellinga acts like a TV show: episodic art telling a story – engaging the recipient because the reader is actually drawn-in as part of the tale. And digital copies of each print are emailed to the customer, allowing them to share the art online with family and friends. Customers can also mint the art as NFTs on platforms like Opensea or Rarible. The Tellinga subscription ordering process is simple:

  1. Select an artist.
  2. Add story description and upload one or more photos.
  3. Artist mails one illustration each week until subscription ends.
  4. Customers receive amazing gifts that last a lifetime.

Tellinga plans to disrupt direct mail advertising, using its storytelling in new ways:

  • Using handcrafted advertising/company inserts in each mailed story – marketing materials like postcards, mailers, brochures, fliers, letters, etc. – guaranteeing conversions and brand exposure.
  • Clever artist placement of products drawn directly into mailed story art: e.g. a client’s first date illustrated, taking place at a regional coffee shop, with included coupon for a company product, etc.

"We’ve put together a whole new concept: merging classic mail art with a new innovative physical social media advertising process, while still allowing people to connect with each other," said Kurkowski. "People want something more than a single emoticon, Tweet, or slick postal mailing that doesn’t relate to them. We provide an experience that is memorable because it is something they can hold, share, and display later as an art piece. Companies spend a lot of money trying to get people to open their advertisements, but largely fail to do so because advertisements are usually so impersonal. We can almost guarantee a 100% open rate. Our advertisements won’t be thrown away with the junk mail because they’re personalized art – something that customers actually anticipate and want to open."

Tellinga currently offers 10% off for new customers, 24-hour turnaround times, framed art, and ships anywhere in the world. Subscriptions begin as low as $19.99 and a portion of each purchase is donated toward charities that fight breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Learn more about Tellinga in this How It Works video. And to see the art and meet some of the artists, follow Tellinga on: FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitterYouTubeTikTok.

About Tellinga

Founded in 2018, Tellinga (like telling a story) is an entirely new approach to keeping contact with loved ones using custom-created art that serves as a cherished gift, including artist-drawn cards that tell your story as direct mail storyboards. Each original artwork is also delivered as a digital copy, allowing customers to mint the pieces as digital non-fungible token art if they choose. Tellinga art subscriptions range from a single poignant mailing, an annual 52-part story, all the way to indefinite, ongoing subscriptions – providing customers a complete and customized art experience that will be loved for a lifetime.

Support the arts and help fund Tellinga by purchasing their first mail art story ever created, now minted and available on OpenSea. Meet the artists and learn more at

Media Contact:
Alex Kurkowski, Founder

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