Amazon Seller Software Launched by FeedbackWhiz to Expand its Service Portfolio

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FeedbackWhiz is pleased to announce a key expansion of its service with the formal launch of integrating its software into 8 new international Amazon marketplaces. With an excellent track record in the high-tech software industry, the company specializes in delivering reliable and intuitive software solutions. The advanced automation and management software has been designed specifically for Amazon sellers to help them increase profits and reviews across all 20 Amazon marketplaces.

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Sellers can use the advanced Amazon seller tools from FeedbackWhiz to boost their business, improve seller feedback, monitor listings, automate email campaigns, get more product reviews and analyze seller profit and accounting data. To help users make the most of these tools, FeedbackWhiz offers a comprehensive tutorial and onboarding library along with videos and step-by-step instructions to maximize Amazon profits and sales.

Some of the key features and tools introduced by FeedbackWhiz include

  • Email automation: Automated ‘Request a Review’ button or building automated Amazon TOS-compliant email campaigns to drive more reviews.
  • Product Monitoring: Real-time alerts to notify sellers about changes in product listings and monitoring new product reviews.
  • Review Management: A single interface for managing, searching, and downloading all product reviews. Helps gain valuable customer insights by identifying trends. 
  • Profits & Accounting: Provides deeper insights and analytics for increasing profit margins by measuring AUR and performance of all Amazon products and cost of goods over time.

Some other noteworthy features include multi account and agency solutions, custom labels and notes, real-time refund integration, positive seller feedback integration, multi-marketplace data aggregation, downloadable reports, sales and orders search engine, and customizable top products and trend tracking.

"We’ve been seeing tremendous growth in the newly expanded international Amazon marketplaces. Amazon sellers are quickly scaling their businesses into these new marketplaces with an excellent opportunity for growth. As a leader in the industry, we made it a priority to offer our services across these new marketplaces to help sellers increase revenue," said Henson Wu, Co-founder and CEO of FeedbackWhiz.

"Amazon selling isn’t as easy as A-M-Z. There’s a lot more to it than just a product launch. Review analysis, customer service, marketing, Average Unit Retail – Amazon sellers need to know and do a little bit of everything. The right tools and metrics can make selling a whole lot easier. FeedbackWhiz is the ultimate Amazon seller tool to automate and scale your Amazon business," said Sam Nedimyer, Digital Marketing Manager of FeedbackWhiz.

To find out more about FeedbackWhiz’s advanced software tools for Amazon sellers, please visit the company’s official website.

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FeedbackWhiz is an automation and management software that helps Amazon sellers increase profits, monitor, manage, and automate emails, orders, feedback, and product reviews, and grow their brand.

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