Amazon Management Services Agency AMZ Bees Releases New Blog Highlighting Top of Search Strategies to Address the Amazon A9 Algorithm

Amazon Management Services agency, AMZ Bees, has released its latest blog post highlighting top strategies to address changes in the Amazon A9 algorithm.

AJMAN, United Arab Emirates, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As all e-commerce retailers know, the Amazon A9 algorithm is always changing, and these changes can have a big impact on a brand’s ranking and visibility on the platform. In order to stay ahead of the game, Amazon Services Agency AMZ Bees has proposed new strategies for managing these changes and ensuring that their clients maintain a top ranking on Amazon.

In the blog post, AMZ Bees covers the following topics:

– What’s changed with the A9 algorithm?

– How can these changes be addressed?

– What are the best practices for brands to stay in the game in 2022?

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As per Klaidas Siuipys, Founder of AMZ Bees, "Historically speaking, Amazon sellers have attempted to "manipulate" search results on Amazon ever since it opened up to third-party sellers. However, unlike in the past when products with the highest conversion rates were awarded, the A9 algorithm is constantly changing and it’s much more difficult to "game" the system now. "

He continues, "The new changes to the A9 algorithm are designed to further promote products that are relevant to a customer’s search and purchase intent. Amazon is no longer indexing products based on broad match keywords, but rather on semantically related keywords to create search results more suitable for every query."

Amazon’s algorithm computes this ‘relevance’ through various signals, some of which include: click-through rate from the search page, click-through rate from competitor listing, add to carts, wishlisting, total purchases, and reviews among other signals that are being added as the algorithm continues to mature.

It also looks into negative relevance modifiers, where poor performance in the aforementioned parameters results in products being bumped down the search results as well as a ‘hunger score’ that determines what listings to be showcased in what order in searches on the home page, where the search category isn’t determined by the shopper.

"This is why having a top-of-search strategy is essential to succeed in improving your search results," Siuipys advises. Since the top five positions for any keyword comprises of 75% of the clicks for any search, ToS ad campaigns become critical for brands in improving their sales performance by being foremost in the minds of their customers.

The ToS Impression Share metric helps analyze the listing performance against targeted keywords, but the question remains as to what keywords should be targeted by a brand. Keeping the A9 algorithm changes in mind, brands can use tools like Brand Analytics Search Terms tool, Search Analytics dashboard, and the Opportunity Explorer to gauge keyword relevancy, especially from the viewpoint of their target audience. This in addition to running ToS ads can help determine the ideal placement ratio for keyword silos thus saving brands both money and shoppers, time.

This can be a daunting task, even for Amazon veterans, which is opting for an experienced agency might be the best bet for more professional sellers. The primary mission of AMZ Bees is to provide the kind of full-service e-commerce services that lets their clients breathe easy and focus on the critical aspect of their business while leaving the growth of their brand in safe hands. The company’s expertise ranges from Amazon business development requirements, PPC and Ad management for Amazon stores, account optimization, and general operations.

Siuipys concludes by stating, "We leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best results possible for your product on Amazon."

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