Amazon Advertising Demand Side Platform Agency Clear Ads Brings Powerful Advertising Opportunities to Businesses

LONDON, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Clear Ads, a digital advertising agency that focuses on Amazon ad campaign management, shares how Amazon advertising demand side platform (DSP) can bring powerful advertising opportunities to businesses. Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not.

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Amazon DSP is described as a platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads. It also allows advertisers to reach, educate and re-engage customers both on and off Amazon. It has fast become an integral part of many a marketer’s digital advertising strategies.

Director of Clear Ads, George Meressa, points out an interesting fact for businesses looking to boost their advertising efforts. “While there are many different demand side platforms that marketers can choose from, Amazon’s DSP has been growing at a remarkable rate, with marketers increasing their platform spending by 44% between Q3 and Q4 2019,” he says.

George suggests two factors that may be contributing to this growth. First, Amazon has a natural advantage in targeting due to the huge amount of data it holds on consumer behaviours and buying trends. Second is Amazon’s recent expansion into mixed media advertisements.

George also goes on to explain how Amazon has recently broadened its advertising range. “Previously, Amazon’s DSP primarily dealt in display ads, featured not only on Amazon’s own marketplace but also on associated properties such as Audible and IMDb. However, Amazon has been relying on its established DSP to enter into the mixed media landscape, expanding into alternative ad formats such as video and streaming.”

The COVID-19 lockdown, experienced in many countries around the world, is considered to have had a huge impact on the extensive shift seen in consumer shopping habits, where online shopping has been on the move to overtake retail. Shelter-in-place orders are also contributing to the expansion of the online video streaming market as people seek to entertain themselves and their families at home. Meressa adds, “These same orders are prompting advertisers to pivot their advertising campaigns away from sales pitches and into brand awareness, and Amazon’s DSP expansion places it perfectly to allow advertisers to reach audiences where they are now.”

For businesses searching for ways to grow their Amazon sales, Clear Ads recommends Amazon DSP as the ideal solution. As the barrier to entry to this platform is high, Clear Ads services provide the ability to have brands’ products appear across Amazon and other platforms at very competitive rates. “Our self-service agency’s exclusive access can get you started at a fraction of the price and provide you with far more transparency,” says a spokesperson from the company.

The company lists the following benefits for businesses seeking their services:

  • Exclusive access to the demand side platform, helping clients to stand out from their competitors.
  • Scale products with a reach far greater than what can be achieved within the Amazon console.
  • Significantly increase sales and grow one’s business.
  • Fully managed service, delivered by an expert Amazon advertising agency.
  • Flexible contracts, great value for money and a results-focused approach.

To read more about the Amazon demand side platform and to connect with Meressa and his expert advertising team, please visit the official Clear Ads website.

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