Aiden’s Cloud Enablement Powers WFA for the Microsoft Modern Work

PLANO, Texas , Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aiden, a modern, intelligent software packaging and deployment solution for Microsoft Windows, has introduced Cloud Enablement to reduce the cybersecurity risks and logistical challenges of today’s dispersed workforce. This new feature allows IT teams to keep computers updated and secure for organizations supporting WFA (Work From Anywhere). By shortening the time to remediate vulnerabilities from an average of 102 days to under two weeks, Aiden also reduces vulnerabilities by 97% and help desk tickets by more than 75%.

As more organizations embrace digital transformation and the modern workplace, they also want better control of the experience of their remote workers and enhanced security. AidenBot, the AI that ensures Windows computers are in their desired state configuration (DSC), leverages Microsoft Autopilot and Azure to reduce risk, maintain compliance, and free up IT-Security teams.

Aiden’s VP of Product, Chris Hansen, said, "Many employees aren’t returning to an office anytime soon, which means IT and cybersecurity teams are faced with the added risks and complexities of trying to deploy, configure, and update software for an increasingly mobile workforce and hybrid work environment. Aiden’s Cloud Enablement with Microsoft Autopilot allows our hyperautomation to configure computers shipped directly from an OEM vendor to an end-user and maintain them throughout their lifecycle."

Aiden’s Cloud Enablement provides several key benefits that let businesses easily embrace WFA:

  • Save engineering time – The perfect companion for Microsoft’s Modern Work, Aiden seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot for automated endpoint configuration, software deployment, and patch management.
  • Secure devices – No matter where employees are working, AidenBot automatically keeps computers updated with the most recent software security patches and removes any unwanted software.
  • Improve incident response – After a ransomware attack or other unforeseen disaster that ‘bricks’ computers, IT teams use AidenBot to rapidly rebuild and restore access to critical software, getting everyone back to work in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Simplify onboarding and offboarding – New employees receive computers straight from the supplier, log in, and are ready to get to work in minutes. Additionally, software is immediately removed from machines in preparation for offboarding.
  • Elevate end-user experience – Remote users receive the exact software they need, when they need it, and experience far fewer disruptions.

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Meet Aiden
Aiden is a hyperautomation solution for software deployment, patch management, and endpoint security designed to easily scale engineering work across Microsoft Windows enterprise environments. Aiden allows CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs with overloaded IT-Security teams to offload time-consuming maintenance, so their engineers can focus on more rewarding projects. Aiden’s AI-bot integrates with any deployment tool, providing the content required to enforce desired state configuration and enhance compliance. By shortening the time to apply critical updates from an average of 102 days to under two weeks, Aiden reduces vulnerabilities by 97% and help desk tickets by more than 75%. Aiden is a proud member of the Microsoft for Startups community and is committed to supporting the Microsoft Modern Workplace. For more information, go to and follow us on Twitter at @meetaidentech.

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