AICG Launches Usage Analytics for Snowflake on the Snowflake Data Cloud Usage Analytics for Snowflake will enable joint customers to gain valuable insights in their Snowflake accounts to improve data management capabilities and visibility of their Snowflake investments.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today AICG announced the launch of Usage Analytics for Snowflake on the Snowflake Data Cloud. This new integration will enable organizations to quickly gain an analytical understanding of their Snowflake usage, including trends on which workloads are being run, which users or systems are accessing the data most frequently, and data storage fluctuation. With this information, organizations can optimize their data architecture, better allocate their spend within Snowflake, and improve their data management capabilities. Before a live audience, the solution was unveiled at the company’s recent webinar, Leveraging Snowflake Usage Analytics.

“How powerful is it for you as a Snowflake customer to view trends overtime for queries run by the business each month, to be able to create cost-centers in your organization, and even drill into the daily level of activity with snapshots of usage? We asked dozens of Snowflake customers what they would want to identify in their usage of the Snowflake platform and we built it. Our solution is readily available, supported, continually enhanced, and customizable. It’s a win-win,” said Christian Screen, CEO of AICG.

By leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud, AICG is joining Snowflake in mobilizing the world’s data to help organizations optimize their data management capabilities and achieve their business objectives. AICG estimates that their Snowflake Usage Analytics solution can improve Snowflake customers’ ROI by 20% by increasing visibility of usage and costs, identifying areas of improvement, and applying targeted increases in Snowflake services.’s ability to present information around specific warehouses, users, and queries is what organizations need in order to determine whether employees, customers, or Snowflake Marketplace vendors are effectively using their investment in the Data Cloud and how they can achieve more by using more of Snowflake’s features.

“We look forward to witnessing Snowflake customers benefit from AICG’s Usage Analytics for Snowflake,” said Katie Ecklund, Senior Director of Partner Sales – America, at Snowflake. “AICG’s commitment to driving deeper value for Snowflake’s Data Cloud ecosystem can be seen in their integration’s ability to allow easy access to usage and cost details that enable our customers to optimize their account and maximize positive business outcomes, through Snowflake’s single, integrated platform.”

By partnering with Snowflake to launch Snowflake Usage Analytics, AICG will enable joint customers to gain powerful telemetry, usage trending, plus real-world utilization and consumption metrics for reporting, all from an easily digestible set of dashboards and data models.

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About AICG: AICG is a data cloud system integrator, enabling mid-market and enterprise organizations to harness the power of their data to achieve business value, no matter what industry they’re in or what types of data they’re using. The platform was built out of pure necessity and client feedback, in order to provide clients with a holistic view of their businesses through the proper application of data. The end-to-end analytics platform is a self-service solution that enables businesses to synchronize their data from multiple sources into their data cloud, where it is then transformed into insights and predictions to guide business decisions.

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