ADEX Announces: Real-Time Fraud Detection Efficiently Prevents Budget Losses

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ADEX, a full-spectrum anti-fraud platform, announces that the budget-saving capacity of detailed real-time traffic quality tracking has been proved in practice by their partner’s recent case study. ADEX partner Eugene Klimshin, a traffic reseller, shared his insights with the company and claimed that anti-fraud tools prevented threats and consequently potential budget losses. 

The importance of real-time analysis
Eugene claims that he never thought about any anti-fraud solutions, since he was convinced that advertising networks will inform him about unreliable sources to block.

However, Eugene faced an unexpected situation with a large portion of fraudulent traffic provided accidentally. The problem became obvious later and all sources were blocked by the provider, which prevented Eugene from earning a significant sum of money. At that point, Eugene started using ADEX.

ADEX as a budget-saving solution
Here is how Eugene describes his work with ADEX:

"ADEX is great at showing real-time results, which is extremely useful for a traffic reseller. All threats are tracked immediately and we can deal with them before losing money.

"ADEX has found more than a million fraudulent traffic sources, which were blocked later by our system. Due to ADEX, we haven’t lost a single dollar yet! As for me, I prefer the API tool for real-time analysis most of all." — Eugene Klimshin, ADEX partner.

ADEX partner claims that he mostly relies on the API tool to gather statistical data about the traffic sources, GEOs, and campaign performance. API feature integrates real-time stats into their internal dashboard to track any fraudulent activity and see which consequences it has.

Automatic in-depth analysis ensures safe work with large traffic volumes.

More ADEX tools to keep traffic pure
ADEX customers can use a wide variety of anti-bot tools to detect, prevent, and fight the consequences of fraud.

  • Javascript Callbacks

Regarding how ADEX marks every user, customers can decide which Callback function to use. Active in-page elements might be blocked for bots or else customers can stop tracking fraudulent conversions not to pay for them.  

  • Fraudulent Traffic Redirect

Traffic Redirect helps customers redirect bots to a blank or any other page and therefore keep them away from their websites and landings.

  • Postbacks

Postbacks feature checks traffic in real time and sends alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs. Unreliable sources can be blocked immediately.

"It is nearly impossible to predict which traffic you purchase — there is always a risk here. Rely on ADEX to perform real-time checks and don’t waste your money for low-quality traffic!" — Anna Efimova, Sales Director at ADEX.

About ADEX
ADEX is a full-fledged anti-fraud platform that serves as a real-time bot detector. The company is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Family and holds IAB TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) certification. In addition to anti-fraud features described above, ADEX also provides JavaScript Callbacks, Claim Reports, and JS Tag tools to cover advertisers’ campaigns from all sides. 

Alina Fatchikhina
PR manager