Active Cyber Adds Cribl to Their Arsenal of Software Partners to Help Customers on Their Observability and Digital Transformation Journeys

DALLAS, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Active Cyber is expanding their current Cybersecurity practice by partnering with Cribl, a leader in enabling open observability. This new collaboration is the latest addition to Active Cyber’s roster of extraordinary partners in cybersecurity including Okta, Seczetta, Lacework and Microsoft. The partnership with Cribl further bolsters Active Cyber’s effort to support customers looking for innovative data management and security solutions. 

With data volumes growing larger every year in nearly every industry, companies continually need to onboard and analyze new sources of data to uncover critical insights to scale like competitive advantages, operational efficiencies, and improving the security posture of the organization. Cribl’s flagship product, Cribl Stream, is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that helps users process machine data in real time and deliver it to the analysis platforms of choice. Stream sits between the sources and destinations of observability data and allows users to route, filter, enrich, and redact data.

Founded in 2017, Cribl offers an observability suite that allows security and IT practitioners to explore data and uncover insights from decentralized applications, servers, network devices, and cybersecurity tools. This gives operations and security teams unprecedented visibility into what’s happening in increasingly complex infrastructure and cybersecurity environments. Their clients include TransUnion, NASA, JPL, Shutterfly and Autodesk. Cribl is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

As more companies inevitably embark on their digital transformation journeys with the assistance and support of Active Cyber and their team of experts, Cribl’s revolutionary observability suite enables customers to have greater choice and control over their growing data footprint.

"Cribl just makes sense for our customers," adds Kishore Vankayalapati, Cybersecurity & Identity Practice Lead at Active Cyber. "We not only want to help companies transform but also reduce costs and optimize their data operations for scalability and the long-term. We are very excited to partner with Cribl to provide our clients a next-generation observability suite."

"Enterprises today face an incredible set of challenges including digital transformation mandates, a deluge of data, sophisticated cyber attacks, and ongoing skills shortages," said Zachary Kilpatrick, Vice President of Global Channels at Cribl. "We’re proud to work with Active Cyber to help customers not only overcome those challenges, but thrive, by unlocking the power of observability data to better understand business applications, improve the capabilities of advanced security analytics, and improve end user experiences."

Active Cyber is recognized as a leading cloud consultancy firm and Platinum Implementation Partner for both Okta and Workday Adaptive Planning and is trusted by leading brands including Hulu, FOX, Nasdaq, and Circle K. Their award-winning portfolio of Cybersecurity, Financial Planning, Enterprise Planning and Data & Analytics partners provides world-class advisory services to instill best practices and leading-edge transformation.

To kick off the partnership, Active Cyber and Cribl will host a two-part webinar series "Why Cribl? Why Now?" including these topics: The Power of Stream (May 17), Cribl, Technical Talk and Use Cases (May 24).

If you’re a Cybersecurity architect, a SIEM consultant, an engineer or anyone in the cyber and data management industry who wants to take the reins on big data, you’ll want to join in. Learn more about the webinar series here and register now.

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