Acnodal, Kubernetes & Cloud Providers Unlock the $20B+ Load Balancer Business

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Provider provisioned Kubernetes locked users into their Load Balancers for external access to applications. Cloud LoadBalancers lack capabilities demanded by complex applications, multi-cloud applications or combined API Gateway/HTTP applications. With the release of Kubernetes v1.22, 3rd party platforms providing increased functionality can be installed alongside the Cloud Provider’s existing generic Load Balancers.

Acnodal is first mover in providing a comprehensive Kubernetes Edge Access platform, and an alternative to Cloud Provider LoadBalancers. The platform consists of two components; PureLB, a Service LoadBalancer Controller installed in the Kubernetes clusters, and EPIC, the External Programmable Ingress. Using standard Kubernetes tooling, operators can request external LoadBalancers that are created in the EPIC cluster. EPIC orchestrates network configuration, routing, certificates, security and the creation of unique, feature rich, Envoy proxy engines for each service. Leveraging eBPF, EPIC and PureLB transport request traffic directly to POD’s providing the same level of functionality available to an in-cluster Ingress or Service Mesh, and unlocking the full functionality of the Envoy engine.

EPIC delivers capabilities not available in Cloud LoadBalancers, however its most powerful capability is unlocking Multi-cloud. EPIC enables the same application to be distributed among cloud providers and private clusters, for redundancy, component segmentation, data security or distributed scale. EPIC integrates non-Kubernetes resources, such as CDN and SaaS platforms combining best of breed resources into complex hyperscale applications. 

Acnodal’s platform enables simple, scalable growth of this key resource allowing developers to create secure, reliable application access on-demand without the extensive domain knowledge required by other solutions. Infrastructure, Network, and Security engineers maintain control of this critical function that enables access to valuable resources.

According to ACG Research, the LoadBalancer business exceeds $20B+ annually and is growing. This makes sense as every application used in the Internet today depends on proxy engines to distribute requests to component resources. The segmentation of applications into container components only increases the demand for proxy engines used in load balancers and API-Gateways.

Acnodal’s Kubernetes Edge platform provides the foundation for organizations to leverage Cloud replatforming into seamless growth to Hyperscale. To learn more contact Acnodal.

Adam Dunstan
Acnodal, Inc.
Office: (617) 331-3915

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