ABCoA Disrupting Used Car Industry with Complete BHPH Cloud Platform

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) creates complete software solutions for used car dealerships and subprime finance companies.  With a mission to pioneer an all-in-one BHPH ecosystem, with end-to-end visibility of all business operations, ABCoA adds cyclCRM.  cyclCRM is the only customer relationship management (CRM) solution built specifically for BHPH used car dealerships and completely integrated (bi-directional) with the Deal Pack dealer management software (DMS).

A CRM software should manage all customer information and interactions while generating sales from both new leads and existing customers.  A DMS software is the epicenter of business operations – the system of record containing all accounting, loan, payment, service, and delinquency information.  The CRM and DMS are filled with data about customers’ purchase and payment history, needs and preferences, and financial indicators which together provide actionable information about how and when to interact with them. The average dealership uses 10-15 disparate software products, making it impossible to connect the dots and properly service the customer.  Deal Pack and cyclCRM work as one to enhance operations and eliminate friction in the customer experience.

ABCoA Deal Pack and cyclCRM create a single, customer-centric platform which unifies data across the customer lifecycle and produce actionable insights, driving higher customer satisfaction and dealer performance.  Deal Pack and cyclCRM streamline BHPH operations and ensure the highest level of success by eliminating double entry, providing true equity mining through analysis of sales and collection activity, increasing profitability with personalized marketing campaigns powered by AI, and creating a complete 360-degree view of the customer’s lifecycle.

"cyclCRM is a super robust platform that allows us to constantly be in front of our clients with multiple touch points and to interact with clients in a very unique and special way.  ABCoA makes software easy in a very difficult business," said Allen Levit, President of Wheels of Chicago.

Coupled with Deal Pack, cyclCRM provides a completely online car shopping experience – from lead origination to desking, electronic contracting, and delivery.  cyclCRM "Campaigns" increase lead conversion rates through automated processes and prospects are worked in an entirely compliant manner.  cyclCRM "Scoring" features custom scoring models and loan origination tools that automate decision-making and streamline lending for a compliant, instantaneous, and ever-improving underwriting process.  cyclCRM "Workplans" are custom, user-defined workflows that prompt action to drive performance.  Coupled with automated scoring and campaigns, dynamic and highly efficient marketing and underwriting decisions are made at scale without the need for human touch.

"Consumers receive outstanding, personalized experiences from retailers like Amazon and Apple – now they can expect the same with their vehicle acquisition and service needs.  By building an integrated ecosystem with next-generation technology, we created superior consumer experiences and enabled far greater operational efficiencies and profitability for buy here pay here used car dealers and lenders," concluded Jonathan Hedy, President of ABCoA.

The collaboration between Deal Pack and cyclCRM provides the subprime automotive and finance industry a complete end-to-end software solution for the first time ever. Be sure to participate in an upcoming live webinar on Thursday, October 14th at 2PM EST to learn more about how the integration with Deal Pack and cyclCRM can benefit businesses just like yours. Visit to register.

About Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc.
Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) provides the world’s best business applications on the cloud and is focused on transforming the subprime automotive and finance industry.  Since 1983, ABCoA has helped automotive dealerships and finance companies eliminate duplication, remain compliant, and achieve success with a fully integrated software ecosystem and dependable, white glove support. Its cloud-native ecosystem redefines the entire consumer experience and seamlessly connects every part of the BHPH dealership operation. ABCoA uses cutting-edge technologies and AI to deliver incredible consumer experiences. Deal Pack and cyclCRM adhere to the standards set forth by the Association of Dealer Management Software (ADMS).

cyclCRM® and Deal Pack® are products of Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc., a family-owned and operated, Florida-based company. For more information, please visit,, or

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