75% of People Are Unlikely to Share a Branded Hashtag, New Data from Visual Objects Finds

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Three-fourths of people (75%) are unlikely to post content on social media using a branded hashtag from a company, according to a survey report from Visual Objects, a visual guide to finding the best creative firms.

Five or six years ago, hashtag campaigns were a popular and non-traditional form of marketing; today, they’re just not as influential. In fact, the survey also revealed that only 11% of people have interacted with a social media hashtag campaign in the past three months.

While UGC is a more affordable and lower stakes method for brands to market their products, only a strategy that uses the right platforms and types of content will yield the desired results.

Social Media Stories Get the Most Engagement

When asked what types of content they engaged with online in the past three months, 40% of people answered stories on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Additionally, 27% of people have engaged with videos such as livestreams and AR lenses or filters in the past three months.

Visual Object’s survey did find that 19% of people are likely to create a video showing how they use a product or service from a business.

Even though most people (73%) are unlikely to create branded videos, businesses looking to implement a UGC strategy should consider producing video content and social media stories.

Reviews on Third-Party Platforms Are The Most Common Form of UGC

The survey found that one-quarter (26%) of people are likely to review a business on a third-party website, making reviews the most popular way people contribute to UGC.

Consumers trust what their peers say about a brand more than what the brand says about itself, which means that customer reviews are an advantageous UGC marketing strategy.

For example, Buzzfeed compiles lists of popular products in different categories along with corresponding positive customer reviews. Businesses can encourage customers to leave reviews by incorporating calls-to-action in marketing emails.

Additionally, 25% of customers have engaged with customer reviews in the last month, the third-most common type of online content they consumed after social media stories and videos.

Most Consumers Are Very Unlikely to Engage in User-Generated Content

UGC is a valuable option for businesses looking to lower marketing costs. However, unless executed effectively, a UGC content strategy is likely to be unsuccessful. Business can leverage video channels and incentivize customers to leave reviews to improve their chances of marketing success.

Visual objects surveyed 401 people about their thoughts on creating content for brands.

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