41% of Social Media Users Have No Interest in What Brands Post, Revealing Need for Brand Authenticity

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Forty-one percent (41%) of social media users in the U.S. aren’t at all interested in branded social media content, according to a new survey report from Visual Objects, a visual guide for finding and hiring the best creative firms.

Consumers were most likely to like, comment, or share a post that communicated helpful information (23%) rather than one with a strong brand voice (9%) or a strong visual aesthetic (11%).

Social media experts such as Lara Schmoisman, CEO of business strategy and marketing agency The Darl, recommend defining the purpose behind each piece of content before posting.  

“Every piece of content that you generate needs to have an intention: either to generate interaction with your users, to share information, or something else,” Schmoisman said. “Content is king and consistency is queen.”

Consumers Find Branded Posts To Be Overly-Promotional

More than one-third of social media users (36%) think brands regularly post content that resembles clickbait, highlighting the dangers of posting overly promotional content.

Social media professionals advise avoiding these common clickbait red flags across social channels:

  • Headlines that don’t align with content
  • Shocking or sensational content
  • Content that doesn’t fulfill promises mentioned in the headline

Devin Schumacher, the founder of digital marketing agency SERP, encourages brands to look out for sensationalism and create unique content to avoid appearing misleading.

“To avoid this happening in your own branded content, make sure that the content stands in its own right without a call to action or advertisement,” Schumacher said.

Audiences Want Brand Voice To Support (Not Replace) Helpful Messages

Companies might be overprioritizing a distinct voice on social media channels. Only 9% of social media users will interact with a branded post because of its distinct voice.

Having a brand voice can make a company stand out from others, but an effective voice is just one component of what makes a successful social media presence.

Social media experts recommend prioritizing genuine, substantive, and informative content over a distinct brand voice.

Abby Herman, director of strategy at Snap Agency, affirms that voice must complement company style while maintaining a sense of authenticity.

“Having a brand voice certainly makes a difference, and if you feel that fits your brand style, then go for it. The trick is to be original and genuine,” Herman said. 

Visual Objects surveyed 501 social media users in the U.S. to learn about the nature of their interactions with brands on social media channels.

Read the full report: https://visualobjects.com/social-media/blog/social-media-optimization

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