22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Blake Alma Creates CoinHub to Become the Internet’s Leading Social Media Profile for Coin Collectors

CINCINNATI, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CoinHub, the internet’s most prominent social profile for coin collectors, has officially surpassed 1.5 million followers, which was founded by entrepreneur Blake Alma in 2020. The platform is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the value of numismatics and making coin collecting accessible to the younger generation.

Before becoming a numismatist, Blake Alma was an award-winning writer, television personality, radio host, and published author. He hosted and produced The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show and The Outdoor Experience on the Hunt Channel, and his most acclaimed accomplishment was once being the youngest outdoor personality on television. He accomplished this all before turning 18 years old. Recently, Blake has used his social media following frequently to promote his coin collection and Christian faith.

“CoinHub is taking coin collecting to a new generation,” said Blake Alma, founder of CoinHub. “My generation has no knowledge of the value of Numismatics, and it is simply my job to change that.”

Blake founded CoinHub in 2020 when he was just 19 years old, inspired by his mother. He created a TikTok and Instagram page titled CoinHub and began producing dozens of videos regarding modern U.S. coin errors and their values. Within his first month, Blake accumulated more than 20,000 followers and 2 million video views on TikTok.

Now, at the age of 22, Blake has expanded CoinHub and established an office in Lebanon, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. In June 2022, Blake signed a partnership deal with WhatNot Inc to promote WhatNot’s new coin auctioning platform. As of now, CoinHub has more than 1.5 million followers and 250 million video views. CoinHub currently has more than 890,000 followers on TikTok, 425,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 215,000 followers on Facebook.

“CoinHub is dedicated to providing a social media presence for coin collectors and enthusiasts of all ages,” said Blake Alma. “Our goal is to bring together a community of new collectors who can share their passion for coins and learn from each other.”

In addition to the launch of CoinHub, Blake Alma is also set to release a new book this spring titled “CoinHub’s Ultimate Guide to Coin Errors: Uncovering the Hidden Treasures in Your Pocket Change.” The book is a comprehensive guide to coin errors and will feature a range of useful information for collectors of all levels.

“My new book is a passion project that I’m excited to share with the coin collecting community,” said Blake Alma. “I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a resource that will help collectors better understand errors and how to identify them.”

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