17LIVE Group CEO Hirofumi Ono Steps Down Alex Lien Takes Over the Leadership as New Group COO; Jing Shen Ng Appointed Group CTO

Alex Lien Takes Over the Leadership as New Group COO; Jing Shen Ng Appointed Group CTO

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 17LIVE, Inc. announced today that Hirofumi Ono ("Hiro") has stepped down as Group CEO of 17LIVE Group. Alex Lien ("Alex") has been promoted to Group COO to lead the company. The current Group COO Jing Shen Ng ("JS") will turn his focus to product and development as Group CTO.

"The Board and I both believe Alex is the best person to take over leadership of the company," said Hiro, "because he knows our service well, has strong experience in global operations, and has honed strong leadership over his years with the Group. I believe that Alex’s appointment as Group COO will allow JS, who has been leading us as the Group COO, to focus on our products."

"17LIVE is grateful for Hiro’s contributions," said Alex. "Hiro was responsible for building up business in Japan. "I want to thank Hiro for all his time and effort in growing Japan over the last five years. 17LIVE would not be the company it is today without his hard work, inspiration, and dedication. I am thankful for his support as we continue his work."

Under Hiro, 17LIVE successfully introduced the live streaming entertainment industry to the Japanese market. Hiro led the Company aggressively through the COVID pandemic, achieved soaring profits and grew 17LIVE into one of the largest live streaming entertainment players globally.

In the near term, 17LIVE will deploy significant resources toward product innovation and expand further into new markets. The service now boasts over 120,000 content creators on the platform. Their new in-stream game project, Fruit Farm, has shown steady growth in Taiwan and significant traction from its initial launch in Japan. In search of new market opportunities, 17LIVE has seen success in growing in Southeast Asia. In addition to growth in its core business, "Hands Up," the company’s foray into social live commerce and "Wave," its audio-based live entertainment app, are both bearing fruit, with both businesses growing multiple-fold in recent quarters. The company recently launched "Wave" in Japan to maximize product synergy with its core business. Its live commerce product has also shown steady growth in Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian markets.

In addition to the current projects, the new management team has put in motion the launch of multiple products and gaming initiatives, spearheading the company’s mission to push the influence of live streaming technology into everyday life.

"17LIVE Group will continue to be responsive to market changes," said Alex. "We will focus on user-centric product innovations with advanced AI and machine learning applications. I am confident 17LIVE will continue to add value to our content creators and produce dynamic content for viewers."

About 17LIVE

17LIVE (one seven live) is Asian’s largest live streaming platform. With a mission to "Empower Human Connections through Live Technology," they aim to create a world where users can enjoy every moment of their lives on the seven continents — Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia — under one sky. The platform reached 50 million registered users worldwide as of September 2021.

17LIVE Official Website: https://17.live/zh-Hant

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